Searching for Software for Performance Metrics?

Performance metrics software is a business management tool which allows a business to keep track of all aspects of their daily activity.

Software for performance metrics should allow businesses to

  1. Monitor critical business processes and activities using metrics of business performance which trigger alerts when potential problems arise and when goals are met.
  2. Analyze the root cause of problems by exploring relevant and timely information from multiple perspectives and at various levels of detail.
  3. Manage people and processes to improve decisions, optimize performance and steer the organization in the right direction.

With InetSoft's easy to use drag and drop dashboard design, your non technical users are able to fully customize performance metrics geared toward your specific business.

You have full control over with metrics and key performance indicators that you wish to choose and are able to combine and transform them with no coding required.

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InetSoft's Key Metrics Software

Also known as a key performance indicator, or KPIs, a key metric is a statistic which, by its value gives a measure of an organization's or department's overall health and performance. All organizations, from nonprofits to multinational corporations, need to track key metrics in order to have an accurate picture of what is going on. Simply looking at key metrics can give a reading of an organization that would otherwise require sophisticated analysis of large amounts of data.

Every kind of organization has specific key metrics that it uses to track performance. Education organizations track dropout rates, attendance, and the student/teacher ratio. Emergency service companies measure metrics like response time, percentage of false alarms, etc. In addition to industry-specific key metrics, individual departments within an organization track metrics specific to their managerial goals.

A marketing department tracks key metrics such as conversion rates, value, and customer profitability. Supply chain managers often track inventory turnover, average order lead time, and out-of-stock performance. Metrics tracked by HR often include average training time, employee turnover, and average training cost per employee.

Key Marketing Metrics

Take the depth and breadth of information assimilated through your marketing campaigns and harness the intuitive agility of InetSoft's robust software available to you as a campaign dashboard, it's a no-brainer!

Over the years, InetSoft has continued to meet the demands of the BI field to bring the best and latest software service tools to the market with on-demand, flexible and embedded features, it makes InetSoft a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.

Marketing metrics that can be tracked with InetSoft's software are churn, conversion rates, customer value, customer profitability, CPL, CPA, and CPGA.

Common sales KPMs that are tracked are time to close, win rates, average deal size, sales actuals vs forecast, and quota attainment percentage.

Going beyond rudimentary marketing practices, Inetsoft adds to the value of key marketing metrics in executive dashboards with illustrative outliers, identifying other in-depth analytics, and bridging the gap between departmental KPI's. Besides being the basis of organizational developmemt, marketing metrics are what takes a company to the next level, provided that they are able to make real-time comparisons to benchmarks in their industry, and quickly pivot.

Most companies pride themselves on their data analysis because of the power it has to tap into a market. InetSoft's software takes the hard work out of this process and delivers a more agile, easy and robust software, that promises no better way, time or place to put these tools into practice.

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