InetSoft's Weekly Dashboard Examples

Weekly dashboards are vital for the regular monitoring and control of business conditions. But in many cases, the production of weekly dashboards puts additional demands on administrators and employees.

And with so much business travel and work done out in the field, dashboard accessibly and deliverability can also be an issue.

InetSoft's solution, Style Intelligence, makes the setting up and delivery of weekly dashboards easy and efficient.

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Easy to Use and Access for Maximum Convenience

Make your weekly dashboards accessible in the office, at home, or in the field.

Our solution is easy to learn; only basic Excel skills are needed. Companies who use our software see the value of this when managers start creating their own ad hoc reports, without support from IT. And with our mobile capabilities, report access is no longer an issue. Style Intelligence is a web-based solution, which can be accessed on Ipads, Iphones, laptops, and other mobile devices.

Make them personalizable to each user whether they are c-level, managers, or frontline workers.

Data Mashup and Drilldown - Flexible, Interactive Reporting

Give your user's the power to discover new insights into your company's data

With Style Intelligence, you won't have to run redundant dashboards because of limited data access. InetSoft's solution can mashup data from many diverse sources in real time, giving you maximum flexibility in report generation. Reports can also be made interactive with drilldown capability, enabling managers to find further insights in the data. Certain patterns or thresholds in the data can be set to trigger alerts, ensuring that certain conditions do not escape the reader's attention.