InetSoft Webinar: 10 Biggest Big Data Trends

This is the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "10 Biggest Big Data Trends."

Abhishek Gupta: Hello everybody, good morning, good evening and good afternoon, depending on where in the world you're listening from. My name is Abhishek Gupta, I'm Product Manager here at InetSoft, and I am very excited to welcome you to our 10 Biggest Big Data Trends webinar.

This is part of a three-part series we are doing on data trends. A little bit housekeeping before we get started. Everyone's lines are muted, but we encourage you to use the Q&A feature to ask questions throughout the webinar. We will leave at least 10-15 minutes at the end to get through those, so please, please fire off questions as they come to mind, and we are going through them at the end of the presentation.

Everyone who is registered for this will also be receiving a copy of the presentation link to the recording afterwards, so no need to take copious notes, the slides are also available on as we speak, as we published this a little while ago.

So, today I am joined by a couple of my very esteemed colleagues. First Larry Chiang, who is our Big Data Marketing Lead and Holly Winters who is a Strategic Sales Consultant, both longtime industry veterans, customers of InetSoft in past lives and heavy users here at the company, and they have a long history of engagement with customers of all size and helping them see, understand and derive value from the Big Data.

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Before we jump into the trends for this year I want to quickly reflect on the year behind us. Last year was really a landmark year for Big Data with more organizations storing, processing and extracting value from data of all forms and sizes, so much so that in Gartner's Annual Hype Cycle Report they actually eliminate the term Big Data in general, as their position was Big Data is just data.

It's part of your data strategy, and the term Big Data and the topic of distributed no SQL computing platforms that facilitate new types of data exploration is still relevant, and it is still incredibly popular with our customers in one of the areas where we see the most questions around on how to optimize the InetSoft application.

So from our side we continue to see a rapid rise in the adoption of these technologies being used with the InetSoft application, and we are really seeing a lot of customer success as we continue in these areas. So as we reflect on the trends we anticipate for the BI and analytics market, we expect Big Data to continue rapidly evolving and expanding.

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We expect customers will make investments in these technologies in the space of cognitive business-critical data platforms, and that they will use this technology in conjunction with InetSoft to find even more ideas and inspiration within their data.

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