Administrator Dashboards for Analytical Reporting

InetSoft's comprehensive real-time analytical reporting and dashboard software provides an administrator dashboard so that features and information can be allotted from the top down for maximum security. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

How to Modify an Administrator-defined Dashboard

To modify a global (administrator-defined) dashboard, follow the steps below:

1. Under the main Dashboard tab, select the dashboard that you want to modify.

2. Click the 'Edit Dashboard' link at the bottom-right corner.

This creates a copy of the global dashboard that you can edit. For a Portlet Dashboard, the 'Edit Dashboard' link opens the 'Edit Dash­board' page. For a Viewsheet Dashboard, the 'Edit Dashboard' link opens the 'Edit Dashboard' dialog box.

When you copy a global (predefined) dashboard, this creates a new user-level dashboard which replaces the global dashboard in your dashboard collection. Any subsequent changes that an administrator makes to the original global dashboard will not be reflected in your copy.

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website administrator dashboard example
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Managing Dashboard Preferences

You can manage your dashboards from the 'Preferences' dialog box. To enable and disable dashboards, or to change the order of the dashboard tabs, follow these steps:

1. Click the 'Preferences' link at the top of the Portal. This opens the 'Preferences' dialog box.

2. In the 'Dashboard' table, click a checkbox in the 'Enable' column to make the corresponding dashboard visible in the Dashboard tab.

3. Click the up-arrow and down-arrow buttons in the 'Arrange' column to change the order of the various dashboard tabs in the Portal.

4. (Optional) Select 'Load all dashboards on initialization' to force all enabled dashboards to reload when any dashboard is accessed. This is only needed when you have multiple dashboards that share a filter.

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How to Create a Portlet Dashboard

To create your own portlet for a dashboard, follow these steps:

1. Create the report or viewsheet you wish to use as a portlet. (See the links below for more information.)

2. When you save a report, choose the 'Save as Portlet' option.

Once the new report portlet or viewsheet is saved, you will be able to add it to your portlet dashboard as described above.

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