InetSoft Product Information: Business Intelligence Software Demonstration

InetSoft offers an agile, integrated operational BI platform that features visualization-driven reporting, dashboards and analytics as well as user-driven data mashups and transformation. Your budget benefits from fast implementations and flexible licensing while your users receive a greater ability for self-service, exploration and collaboration. InetSoft’s innovative products have won awards repeatedly from developers since 1999.

Business Intelligence Demo - Overview

Length: 2 Minutes (no registration required)

This a brief presentation that gives a good overview of the interactivity that you can easily put into a monitoring or analytic dashboard, the sophistication of the report publishing software, and the power of drag and drop data modeler that make up InetSoft's business intelligence platform.

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BI Dashboard Demo

BI Demo - Extended Detail

Length: 30 Minutes (registration of corporate email address required)

This demo provides an in-depth look at the kinds of dashboards and reports that can be built using the sample monitoring and analytical dashboards that come with the free evaluation software download. You will see in real-time how quickly a powerful, but easy to use interactive dashboard can be designed. This demo is similar to what can be arranged for your organization in a customized manner based on your requirements.

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Extended BI Dashboard Demo