InetSoft BI Webcast: Business Intelligence Developments

InetSoft's CMO, Mark Flaherty, speaks about recent BI industry developments:

What are your comments about recent BI industry developments?

So definitely there have been some shakeups in the BI environment with some big acquisitions happening. This consolidation has been pending and predicted for some time. So in some ways, I am glad to see it happen, because some enterprises were sitting on the fence waiting to see what would happen before they settled on their BI vendor evaluation list.

Clearly these financial transactions highlight the value of BI and the strategic importance of BI for businesses. The backdrop of a maturing economy and the notion of competing on analytics, this is becoming a reality for enterprises. The role that business intelligence and analytics continues to grow. This bodes well for BI and data warehousing sectors, which of course, InetSoft is a part of.

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We’re really excited from our vantage point looking out as to what is happening in the BI market and the relevance of our product and value proposition in that backdrop. So I think these are very exciting times.

I’d also point out that it’s the smaller, entrepreneurial companies like InetSoft that will continue to drive innovation, and there are many organizations who seek out this type of innovating technology.

What is your BI project development methodology?

Our BI project development methodology is based on industry standards. When we work with a client, first of all, we gather requirements, talk with the client, and find out what they want. Based on those requirements we design a data model using industry-standard dimensional data modeling techniques. Once we have that data model designed, then we determine if an ETL process is necessary. With InetSoft's unique data mashup data access engine, it’s not always necessary.

But if we determine one is necessary, then we design an ETL process. ETL is the process for extracting data from the sources, transform them, and load the data warehouse. Once we have the data warehouse ready, then comes the report development. Finally once a report is done and it is acceptable to users, we do the deployment. We also offer support such as QA to make sure the BI solution is running smoothly.

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