InetSoft Technology: BI Solutions - Easy, Agile, Robust

InetSoft offers a BI solution for dashboards, visual analysis, and reporting that is easy, agile, and robust. InetSoft's primary product, Style Intelligence™, offers a faster rampup, higher adoption rates, more flexible licensing options, and a greater deployment success rate than older, more complex BI solutions.


  • Support both transactional database and data warehouse
  • Desktop quality zero-client browser based user interface
  • Complete desktop application integration through Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Word
  • Wizard based dashboard and report designer, minimal training required
  • Ad Hoc reporting for maximum self-service
  • Incorporates advanced dashboard, scheduling and notification
  • 100% open standards platform for drop-in deployment
  • Built-in report localization and integration


  • Utilize existing data directly, realize immediate return on investment
  • Gradually introduce more self-service without disruptions
  • Share information among operational users, power users, and executives
  • Personalized information delivery and access

Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence

Style Intelligence is an open standards based information delivery and analysis solution that blends the best of enterprise reporting and business intelligence software into one light weight platform. It offers both large and small companies the ability to deliver actionable and real-time information while leveraging their existing technology and infrastructure investments. By embedding Style Intelligence directly into business processes, organizations can dramatically decrease report design, delivery and support overhead to increase overall information technology return on investment.

How is Style Intelligence used?

Production Reports

Operational reports are produced in electronic format and paper printouts for a wide range of users. Some reports, such as invoices and contracts, are generated from embedded reporting while others are produced from centralized reporting.

Interactive Reports

Interactive reports allow end users to control report output within pre-defined and controlled boundaries. Parameters, drilldowns and sorting are a few examples. Interactive reports provide the most basic analysis of data.

Ad Hoc Reports

Ad hoc reporting gives end users the ability to create and modify reports that introduce new data items and new presentation formatting. The Ad Hoc user interface is easy to learn and accessible from any Web browser.

OLAP Analysis

OLAP provides multi-dimensional data analysis for management personnel and analysts. It uses a set of hierarchic parameters to view a set of measurements. For example, sales date and sales location hierarchies can be used to view sales total and discount in different combinations and levels.

Alerts & Notification

Many reports are used for monitoring business processes. This can become an expensive process that consumes precious management time and resources. Alerts can be created to automate this process.

Dashboard Portal

Executives monitor a few important indicators to ensure smooth business strategy execution. A bird's eye's view through a dashboard portal with drilldown capability is the perfect interface.

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