InetSoft Technology: Business Intelligence Without ETL or a Data Warehouse

Do you assume you need ETL tools and a data warehouse for a BI solution? Our data dashboard tools offer Web based reporting and dashboard software that accesses disparate data sources directly.

If you already have an ETL process established and running smoothly, InetSoft's Style Intelligence™ business intelligence platform can easily interact with the data in your data warehouse.

However, if you are looking to cut down on the resource and cost overhead associated with this cumbersome infrastructure and these rigid, manual processes, there is an alternative.

Or if you are just beginning to research a BI project and have read the standard BI implementation best practices that steer you towards the middle layers of ETL and data warehousing, realize that it is not necessarily the case any longer. New business intelligence software exists that can save you the investment in ETL tools and data warehouses.

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Learning from Our Experience with Customers

InetSoft was founded in 1996, and over the years of delivering BI software solutions to over 3,000 customers, we have found that oftentimes organizations and enterprises struggle with the data gathering and preparation process. They spend inordinate amounts of time planning for the perfect data warehouse and customizing ETL routines to extract, transform, and load data from disparate data sources. They spend significant amounts of money adding additional hardware and software. The project swells to something much larger than they needed.

We have found that many times their requirements do not warrant that type of effort or investment. Other times, even if they might be well served by ETL and a data warehouse, their budget and staff constraints prevent them from going forward.

We learned from our customers' business intelligence project experiences and came up with a simpler way to help people to achieve their BI solution goals. We created a very robust data access engine, based on our patent-pending Data Block™ technology, that accesses disparate data sources directly. We also created the capability for data mashups which delivers significant agility advantages over the traditional ETL and data warehouse solution.

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Technical Details

Key features of the Style Intelligence business intelligence platform include:

  • Professional atomic data block modeling tool
  • End user data mashup on the Web
  • Connectivity to relational databases (JDBC), Multidimensional databases, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), EJB beans, flat files including spreadsheets, OLAP servers including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Hyperion ESSbase, Oracle OLAP, and SAP NetWeaver,, Google AdWords and Analytics, and ERP applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel CRM, and more.
  • Security control on data cell for user, role and group
  • Data mashup across domain and multi data sources
  • High performance, configurable column-based data cache