InetSoft Technology: Business Intelligence Features

InetSoft provides a Report Designer which allows a developer to visually create a report template, which is saved as an xml file. The report template can be populated with data from a variety of data sources and report properties may have JavaScript associated with them to allow for more dynamic interaction.

In addition to this business intelligence framework, InetSoft server-side reports can be built using an object oriented report API. This approach gives easier access to data sources in modern multi-tier architecture and more power in controlling every aspect of reporting.

InetSoft Enterprise products also include the InetSoft Data Modeler and the query engine. The visual Data Modeler provides support for a wide range of data sources, from traditional relational databases, to standard XML and EJB servers. The combination of a powerful visual query engine with the formatting and layout of the report engine creates a unique Java reporting solution.

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The Goal of Business Intelligence

We recognize that the goal of each business intelligence application is to fulfill a business need and the most important component of fulfilling that need is the business logic. Information presentation and user interaction, though important, are a means to the end. To better serve the programmers and enable them to concentrate on the soul of the application, Style Intelligence simplifies the tedious task of formatting, layout and handling user actions. More importantly, developers do not actually need to know how a report is accessed.

InetSoft's product is not a standalone server, but a collection of server-side components. The server components are based on the open Java RMI, CORBA and Servlet standards. This enables the components to be tightly integrated into existing applications and servers and to fully take advantage of the services of the underlying distributed platform. Another benefit is the reduced system administration cost. Instead of being managed separately from the existing server, the InetSoft components can become an integrated part of the server and share the same administration procedures.

"Performance management will become more pervasive within organizations. If you’re old enough, like me, think back to the days when computers were first being introduced into people’s offices, when personal computers first came out. The senior managers at that time were not computer savvy, to put it kindly. Yet, they understood there were computers, and that they were these big refrigerator-sized boxes found in the back office and operations departments. But these managers didn’t have a personal relationship with their computers.

But nevertheless, executives would get their PCAT, and they would put it in the corner, and it would have the green c prompt burned into the screen. They typically wouldn’t fire up any applications unless someone was coming to the office to visit them, so they could show them they were computer savvy.

Eventually that changed. Why did that change? Because the next generation of managers came along, and they had been exposed to computers, they were comfortable with computers. They were actively using computers." - Mark Flaherty, CMO, InetSoft

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