InetSoft Technology: Database Access Software

Database access software is a core component of InetSoft's business intelligence software platform. The software can access multiple, disparate databases, any via a JDBC connector as well as OLAP cubes, flat files, Web services and other databases.


Speedy data access is enabled by InetSoft's patent-pending Data Block technology across a variety of data sources including relational databases, multi-dimensional databases, Web services, flat files and more. Data Modeler and Asset Composer are the technical tools for atomic data block creation.

The Data Modeler arranges raw data into business data items such as models and queries. Asset Composer creates more sophisticated, fine-tuned, data assets represented as Data Worksheets. The Flex-based Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop, spreadsheet-themed tool that allows users to further customize or assemble new Data Worksheets inside a Web browser.

The Data Block transformation and mashup engine is embedded in InetSoft's Style Intelligence server. For database sources, it takes full advantage of database power by retrieving data directly from the original source or from pre-aggregated materialized views. Alternatively, in-memory, compressed bitmap, and materialized queries can be created to deliver instantaneous response regardless of source.
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Intuitive User Interfaces

Intuitive user interfaces powered by Web 2.0 Flex and AJAX deliver a zero-client, desktop-quality user experience. Style Intelligence empowers users with simple point-and-click interaction and analysis, as well as drag-and-drop customization and design.

Style Intelligence’s fully customizable user portal provides a single access point for dashboards and reports. Dashboards built on Viewsheet technology leverage the full power of Data Worksheets to allow end users to visualize, interact with, and analyze underlying data. Production reports are designed in a professional Report Designer tool and are published for distribution.

The Flex based Visual Composer and Ad Hoc Reporter allow power users to customize and create new dashboards and reports. Visual Composer is the user tool for making both data (Worksheets) and visual (Viewsheets) objects. To codify, publish, and disseminate information, Ad Hoc Reporter is an easy-to-use tool for modifying and creating reports on the fly. A Scalable Platform is achieved within the framework of open J2EE standards.

Style Intelligence Server is a Web application that resides within a Java application server, and can be readily deployed into other servlet environments. Through the Web-based Enterprise Manager, Style Intelligence Server can be easily configured for any demanding environment. Load balancing and failover are provided through built-in clustering or J2EE server clustering. Security over data, presentation objects, and user operations is fully customizable. Authentication and authorization can be provided by Style Intelligence or be drawn from an existing LDAP server or other central security provider.

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Data Access Features

  • Access Multiple Data Sources - connect to relational databases, multi-dimensional databases, XML, SOAP, EJB, Java objects (POJO), spreadsheets, flat files, etc.
  • End-user Defined Data Mashup - combine data within a single data source or across multiple data sources into unified datasets using union, intersection, minus, inner/outer joins, etc.; simple drag-and-drop interface gives business users maximum self-service – a unique capability of Style Intelligence
  • Reusability/Collaboration - reuse objects such as queries, worksheets, viewsheets, and report components for efficient team collaboration
  • Virtual Private Model (VPM) - create virtual private models to limit data-level access by user, role, or group designation
  • OLAP Overlay - create multi-dimensional hierarchies on top of a logical model
  • ERwin Importer - import data models from ERwin
  • MOLAP Cubes - supports Essbase, IBM DB2 OLAP Server, MS Analysis Service, and Oracle OLAP
  • Hadoop/HIVE - visually analyze Big Data sets and semi-structured data