InetSoft Product How-To: Embedded Dashboard Options

InetSoft's award-winning dashboard software application offers an expansive list of embeddable dashboard options that provide users with more reporting options than are typically found in most business intelligence solutions. View the example here to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

You can expand an existing table in the Data Worksheet by adding additional columns. This allows you to gather data from multiple entities into a single table. You can also create new columns that contain complex calculations. This section discusses various methods for adding table columns.

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To add a new column to a regular table in the Worksheet (from the same query or data model), follow these steps:

  1. In the asset tree, select the query column or a model attribute that you want to add to the existing table.
  2. Drag the query column or model attribute over the column header row in the existing table. (A green bar shows the location in the table where the new column will be placed.)
  3. Drop the column into the table at the desired location.

In the following example, we add a single attribute (salesperson last name) as a new column in an existing table.

  1. Drag the 'Order Model' > 'Order' entity to an empty cell on the Worksheet. This creates a new 'Order1' table.
  2. Drag the 'Last Name' attribute from 'Order Model' > 'Salesperson' entity over any column header in the existing 'Order1' table. (A green bar indicates where the new column will be placed.)
  3. Release the mouse button when the green bar appears in the location you wish to place the new column. The column is then added to the table.

To add a new column to an embedded table, right-click a column header, and choose 'Insert Column' from the context menu. A new column is added to the left of the selected column. All cells in the new column can be edited.

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