Reporting Software - Miscellaneous Report Properties

Find information about miscellaneous report properties in InetSoft's reporting software - a leading provider of business analytics since 1996. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

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The following table lists a variety of miscellaneous properties.




Format used for all time data (Date).

Format used for all date data. .


If a number format is not specified in the designer, this property value controls the rounding of the numbers. The property values are the same as the valid arguments for the 'formatNumber()' method.

Default grouping and ordering is now case-insensitive, which is consistent with most databases. Set this property to true to revert to pre-9.1 behavior.


Delimiter used when exporting a CSV file.


Quote character used when exporting a CSV file.


Set the number of rows to look at when determining the column width to use in Text exports.


If “true,” top and bottom margins, and headers and footers will be set in Excel's “Page Setup”


For Excel export, a factor determining whether nearby report elements are placed in adjacent cells or spaced apart. A smaller factor creates more space between elements in the exported spreadsheet.


If query variables are declared as unique, variables with the same name across different queries are treated as one variable. Otherwise, each query contains its own set of variables.

Contains a path to an html file that contains a message to display when the maximum number of concurrent users has been exceeded. If this is not set, the default message is used.


Class Name for a user defined connection pooling class. This class should implement inetsoft.uql.jdbc.ConnectionPool


Initial size of the connection pool.


Max size to which the connection pool will grow, if required.


Maximum number of cursors allowed per database connection. It may be necessary to set this property to 1 if an Oracle database is observed to execute queries sequentially rather than concurrently.


Indicates (when set to true) that database column names have been defined in the database software as case-sensitive.


The name of the report localization bundle.

The directory where this software stores indexed data that is used for searching the archive.


The month in which the fiscal year begins.

The day in the fiscal.start.month on which the fiscal year begins.


This defines the default browser used on Unix machines. It defaults to Mozilla.

The width (in pixels) of the thinnest bar in a barcode. Other bars will change their size relative to this.


The output resolution of the barcode when either the barcode is being outputted to a device other than the screen, or the barcode is being generated on a headless machine and the screen resolution could not be determined. The default resolution is 72 dpi.


By default it is set to true. If this property is false, you will use the encoding specified for the local operating system instead of the UTF8 encoding.


Property to specify the absolute path of the folder which contains the .shp and .jar files used by the map element.


A safety-net for script execution time, especially for infinite loops. Times-out the script if execution time exceeds specified value (in seconds).


Set to 'true' (default) to display the value of a CUBE dimension with all its hierarchical components, else set to 'false. (Applies to table headers, chart labels, and selection lists.)


Determines how many rows to display for a Show Details operation against an OLAP cube.


Determines how many rows to retrieve when creating unique values for selection lists.

Set to 'false' to prevent storage of preferences for the anonymous user.


When 'false', the query engine removes joined tables with no columns in the 'select' and 'where' clauses, such as when a condition is dropped due to null parameter.


URL (absolute or relative) of the parent directory of the '_HTMLDoc.htm' file for end-user documentation.

URL (absolute or relative) of the parent directory of the '_HTMLDoc.htm' file for developer documentation.