InetSoft's OLAP Reporting Solution - Easy, Agile, Robust.

Looking for OLAP reporting solutions? InetSoft provides dashboards, reporting & visual analysis software that can access OLAP data sources and cubes.


  • Naturally cross platform as a Java-based application
  • Interactive visual reporting via point and click
  • Access to transactional databases, data warehouse, and OLAP cubes
  • ROLAP directly from transactional databases
  • MOLAP support for all popular multi-dimensional databases
  • Real-time dashboards with advance visualization types
  • Flexible layout with tables, charts, & filyers
  • Shareable and personalizable
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OLAP Reporting and Analysis Features

Report Designer

Created for professional report designers with advanced features, the Report Designer is a powerful desktop application that is used to produce both simple and highly complex pixel-perfect paginated reports for online viewing or scheduled automated distribution. Embedded logic and flexible layout are a few example features of advanced report design.

Query Builder and Data Modeler

Used by professional data modelers to build generic data models and individual queries. Data Models serve as the foundation for ad-hoc reporting, OLAP analysis, visual analysis, multi-dimensional analysis, monitoring dashboards, interactive dashboards, and executive dashboards. Models can be built against translational DBs and data warehouses.

Exception Alerts and Notification

End users can define alerts and notifications based on individual reports. Trends, thresholds, and time conditions can also be combined to define an alert condition. Distribution lists can be created and maintained.

HTML5-based Dashboard and Report Viewing

Zero client, end user report viewing interface that only requires a Web browser. End users can interact with reports, utilize searching and exporting, and many other report and visual analysis functions.

Ad-hoc Report Creator

Zero client, end user ad-hoc report and dashboard creator interface that only requires a Web browser. A report creator wizard along with report customization functions including highlight, filtering, and grouping.

Dashboard and Report Repository

Familiar tree-based organization of dashboards, reports, live or archived versions by department and/or user with shared and private folder options.

Developer Features

Reporting SDK / API

InetSoft's business intelligence application, Style Intelligence, comes with a powerful Java based SDK with over 600 classes to control the report object model. Developers can create reports without any visual tools but can also use the API to enhance reports.

On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Zero client, end user OLAP interface that only requires a Web browser. Using selection lists and drop-down menus to control the data displayed in interactive charts, highly intuitive interaction with relational or multi-dimensional databases is possible.

Enterprise Manager

A Web based administrative tool that controls all behavior of the Style Intelligence server. Security, archiving, auditing, logging, caching, and prioritization are a few examples of what can be configured.

Portal-ready Integration

The portal framework provides high level functions such as searching archived reports and scheduling. The portal can be configured in a repository or dashboard style. Very suitable for embedding in another Web-based application, hosted or SaaS model, or in an enterprise portal.

Integration SDK

The Integration SDK consists of multiple components: the JSP tag library is designed for report and dashboard integration, support for standard J2EE Portlets, and the security API allows customer security scheme embedding and use of enterprise directories such as LDAP.

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