Personalizable Performance Monitoring Software for Management

Monitoring dashboards do not need to be static charts. InetSoft's dashboard software uses a visualization-driven approach to enable rapid deployment of self service business dashboards that are highly interactive. This performance management system is business user-driven and offers strong analytic and drill-down functions. The key advantages are:

  • Monitor, explore, and analyze and drill down into details
  • Easy to use, modify, and create by business users
  • Leverage user-driven data mashup for maximum self service
  • Suitable for executive dashboards and power-user exploration
  • Combine multiple interactive reports and charts in one screen to replace scores of static ones

Dashboards empower business users with an intuitive monitoring and analytic environment resulting in enhanced business performance management, using the information stored within their performance management system. Within an executive dashboard, statistics and data for the company as a whole can be closely monitored by the people who need to know and can take action.

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Embedding InetSoft into an Enterprise Portal or Other Web-based Solution

The JSR-168 standard defines a Web portal composition structure where “portlets” can be combined on a single Web page. InetSoft allows reports to act as standard compliant portlets. The built-in portlet engine permits business users to assemble report portlets to form multi paneled dashboards. The key benefits of portlets are:

  • Standards compliant and integration ready
  • Ability to utilize IT designed, business logic driven portlets
  • Drag-and-drop layout
  • Permits access to BI tools from a preferred, single enterprise application
  • Supports maxium re-branding of the user interface

marketing performance management dashboard

performance management scorecard example

Color-coded Scorecarding

As in all business performance management applications, scorecards are a well-defined method for monitoring, measuring, and managing performance by tracking metrics against goals, budget, or forecast. The InetSoft Scorecard consists of a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that compare current performance data against goals, quotas, and target trends with simple color-coding for quick recognition. The scorecard also incorporates information on what action to take if the specified goals are not met. The key advantages are the added capacities for:

  • Exception-based management
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Exception alerts for associated key metrics

Scorecards are an optimal solution for tracking dashboard metrics, centralizing all the KPIs that would be included in a business or executive dashboard.

Why InetSoft's Performance Management Software?

InetSoft's performance management system is called Style Intelligence, and its chief advantages can be summarized as easy, agile and robust:

  • Enjoy a rapid implementation; minimum specialized IT expertise required
  • Experience a shallow learning curve for business users; only Excel-level skills needed
  • Make it easy for analysts & administrators; no SQL experience required
  • Scale up with zero-client deployment and no per-user licensing
  • Provide maximum self-service through ad hoc and visualization analysis
  • Enable self-service also at data level: end-user defined data mashup
  • Accommodate quick, formal, and experimental changes
  • Address advanced and mass needs
  • Run on a high performance, secure infrastructure

attorney performance management scorecard example
dashboard demo
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