Style Report™ 6.5 Release Notes

Last Updated November 1, 2004

These Release Notes contain the following information about Style Report™ 6.5:

New Features in Style Report™ Version 6.5

Features new to Version 6.5 include the following:

New Ad hoc report creation wizard

A new wizard interface is added to the ad hoc reporting component. It provides an intuitive user interface for creating new reports through a browser. The wizard's goal-oriented design allows business users to select what they want to create, and guide them step-by-step to arrive at the results they want. The wizard is also customizable to allow maximum flexibility.

Enhanced report clustering

Report clustering has been re-architectured and re-written. The new clustering architecture is based on standard web technology, and integrates seamlessly with any application server, or running stand-alone in a servlet environment.

New Ad hoc reporting interface

The ad hoc report editing feature is now integrated as part of the DHTML report viewer. Instead of editing reports in a separate browser window, users can access all ad hoc report functions with a single click. This eliminates the distraction caused by switching between completely different viewing and editing modes, and achieves an user experience unmatched by any other ad hoc reporting tools.

Enhanced report designer

Report designer has been enhanced to permit users to define formatting, hyperlink, and other properties on a per cell level. Features previous only accessible through scripting can now be defined through the simple point and click interface. A large number of usability enhancements have been incorporated, including a one-click property pane for quick editing of reports.

Native barcode support

Barcode presenters are added for displaying text as barcode. Twenty different barcode styles are supported and can be selected for any table cells or text fields.

Speedometer chart type

A new chart type, speedometer, is added to display data as speedometers. It supports multiple datasets, and user defined target ranges.

Exploded pie chart

New options permitting the user to display pie charts in an exploded format have been added. The exploded pie supports both 2D and 3D pies. Users have options to explode one slice, the largest slice, or all slices.

Outer joins for data model binding

When binding to a data model, users now have options to specify outer joins. Outer joins are used if an attribute is marked as 'Include all rows'. Multiple table outer joins are supported.

(OLAP) Creating and editing measures

The OLAP interface has been enhanced to support creating and editing measures by end users. A new measure can be created as any valid SQL expression.

Installing Style Report™ 6.5

Note: Style Report™ 6.5 supports any JVM* compatible with JDK 1.3 or higher. JDK 1.1 and 1.2 are no longer supported in this version.

System requirements

  • A JVM 1.3 or later (JDK) must be installed on the machine

Windows installation

Execute the installation package and follow the on screen instructions. You need a valid license key to install the package.

UNIX and Linux installation

Make sure JVM (java) is on your PATH.

  • Change directory to where the downloaded JAR file (e.g. StyleReportEE.jar) is stored
  • Run the following command:

    java -cp ./StyleReportEE.jar install

*Java and all Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.