New Style Report Version 4.3 Announced; Spurs Switch from Less Flexible Reporting Systems

Piscataway, NJ - February 1, 2002 - InetSoft Technology has taken Web reporting to the next level with the introduction of version 4.3 of their ever-popular Style Report™ Software Suite. The latest release proves to be a true crowd pleaser as several new additions have been made to the already feature-rich suite of reporting tools. The new release includes seamless integration with JBuilder, the Style Report Studio™, re-usable Report Beans, and the web-based Composer .

The most fundamental component of the newest release is the fluent integration of Style Report in the context of an Integrated Development Environment. Style Report is now seamlessly integrated with JBuilder, making report development a one-program, one-stop reporting solution. Users can create new report projects, compile, and debug, all from the familiar interface JBuilder provides. Moreover, for developers unfamiliar with Jbuilder, Style Report Studio, based on the popular NetBeans architecture, has been introduced. Style Report Studio allows non-JBuilder developers to realize the advantages of an IDE in an environment where no third party software is required. The IDE integration speaks to InetSoft's dedication to embrace open standards technology while presenting the developer with a multitude of choices.

Furthermore, the reusable report components prove to decrease development and maintenance costs even further. Style Report™ has introduced the concept of Report Beans. Report Beans, a Style Report™ construct, essentially encapsulate the properties of one or more report elements. The Report Beans would, most typically, be created in the Report Designer in an easy, user-friendly environment, then would be saved in a standard format, thereby making them accessible from newly created reports in the same fashion. This not only increases productivity for the report developer but also reduces administration costs and maintenance should one of these components need to be changed at a later time. This gives the report developer the ultimate advantage in that no work is spent on duplicating logic - they can concentrate on new report development rather than making sure individual components are consistent.

Finally, the Web-based Composer truly distinguishes Style Report™ from other popular reporting products. Web based ad hoc reporting, combined with the underlying flexible architecture makes Style Report an unprecedented solution in the evolving business intelligence market. End users can now design their own reports in a browser with no special plugins required. This also decreases the burden on report developers - even less work is required to present users with a 100% interactive reporting solution. The Composer allows the end report viewer to do everything from customizing queries to adding and removing individual report elements.

In conclusion, the release of version 4.3 of the Style Report software suite will give report writers yet another reason to continue to use Style Report for years to come. The new release also serves as an incentive for those who have not yet used Style Report to switch from older, less-flexible, legacy based systems. Combined with InetSoft 's dedication to creating systems which are extensible and easily maintained, the newest release's emphasis on using open standards technology does nothing less than keep suit while expanding the possibilities.

The Composer will allow end users virtually limitless data interaction with minimal report development, while the integration with JBuilder will make report development, in one of the most popular IDEs, seamless. The Style Report Studio will give users not familiar with JBuilder the benefits of a full-featured IDE while also improving efficiency through the utilization of Report Beans, which allows for the recycling of report components.

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“The Java-based reporting software emanating from InetSoft has been of the highest quality, so it is not surprising to see Style Report win in not just one category this year but two.”

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