New Style Report Version 4.2 Announced with Crystal Report Migration Features

Piscataway, NJ - September 25, 2001 - InetSoft Technology has raised the bar once again as they released version 4.2 of their popular reporting software, Style Report™. Incorporated into the new release are a multitude of new features. These new features will not only prove to please existing clientele, but will provide users of more traditional systems a vehicle for integrating their existing legacy-based reporting infrastructure into a dynamic, flexible environment that will handle the needs of growing technologies for years to come.

Style Report now includes functionality for user-defined scheduling, as well as the ability to embed the Web-based report repository into existing web pages. In addition, enhanced Designer functionality and the Crystal Migrator make Style Report an unparalleled solution for dynamic Web based reporting.

With the introduction of the Crystal Migrator, developers can now take advantage of the latest technologies while tying in components based on pre-existing legacy systems. It has long been known that traditional report writers have been tightly integrated with respect to relational databases. While for some the effects of this integration may go unseen, for others it is a limitation that cannot be overcome. As technology evolves, the paradigm for data integration has shifted to include querying data from all different types of objects with embedded business logic.

This naturally catapults the Style Report software suite to the top of the reporting industry as the company's record indicates a strong dedication to using open standard based technologies while also incorporating support for new cutting edge technology. The Crystal Migrator now enables report writers to neatly integrate legacy based systems into a very dynamic environment whereby new business logic can be tightly integrated, thus taking advantage of the newest technologies and cutting down the costs associated with migrating from one system to another.

As InetSoft has emphasized in previous releases with its archive and versioning system, flexibility for end users is a must. With the advent of user-defined scheduling, report users will now be able to schedule report execution at their own convenience tailored specifically to his/her needs, allowing the ultimate level of end user interaction and customization. This will allow end users to schedule reports to be saved in various formats, to be mailed on completion events, and will even permit users to save different versions of a report to a versioning control system all based on parameters that the users themselves define.

Furthermore, to make Style Report even more integratable, the Enterprise Edition software has included a utility which will allow for seamless HTML integration. Report writers can now easily embed Style Report's no-plugin, DHTML based interface into their own Web pages. Frames no longer need to be used to provide the customized look and feel of your own reporting system. With the use of our new tool, our servlet will output the entire content of your neatly laid out application all based on a template which the designer defines.

In conclusion, the release of version 4.2 of Style Report has paved the road for the new standard in web based reporting. The features added in version 4.2 include the Crystal Migrator, end user scheduling capability, an enhanced Designer, and the ability to seamlessly integrate the user-friendly web-based report interface into your very own web pages. These enhancements serve to provide alternatives to individuals who may find themselves limited by older, pre-existing systems. The latest release of Style Report will surely establish new expectations of the reporting industry for years to come.

According to Luke Liang, Director of Marketing of InetSoft Corporation, "Technology is changing. New demands are imposed on current technologies. Reporting tools are no exception. Old technologies will either adjust to the changing marketplace or slowly fade out. Both report writers and report users want better tools. We will provide them."

About InetSoft

InetSoft Technology Corporation is a leading software development and service company. InetSoft was founded in 1996 by a strong team hailing from world-renowned companies such as Bell Laboratories and major financial institutions. InetSoft is fueled by talented individuals who have been working on Java/XML since the early days, when it was only a topic in research circles. Their leadership in the Java e-Reporting field was highlighted at the 2000 Java Developer's Journal Reader's Choice awards.

InetSoft's Style Report/Pro was praised as the "Best Java Reporting Tool." In the recent 2001 JDJ Awards, Style Report was ranked highly against many larger companies with fairly similar products. The company has experienced rapid expansion in the past years, and is continuously adding new members to its already excellent team.


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“Old technologies will either adjust to the changing marketplace or slowly fade out. Both report writers and report users want better tools. We will provide them.”

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