Version 10.0 Release Notes

Last Updated November 26, 2008


Version 10.0 is a major release. Feature enhancements were made over 9.5 in the following areas:

New Analytic Chart Engine

We have implemented a new chart framework that can present even more information in a single graph. Now you can leverage visual representations to quickly identify patterns, trends, and problems. The new chart also gives even more power to the end user, allowing them to manipulate the dimensions and measures and how they are displayed. Users can also brush the data points in a chart to highlight those outliers in other charts. For example, track unusually low sales back to the geography, salespeople, and products responsible.

Note: InetSoft also offers a free analytic chart engine, called Style Chart, which allows you to use a JavaScript API to embed charts in Web pages.

PowerPoint Export

In 9.5 we provided PowerPoint export for Viewsheets. By customer request, we've added PPT as an export option for published reports. The pages are output as separate slides in the same presentation. Even if you don't have internet access, you can bring your favorite report to your next board meeting in a paperless form.

Ad Hoc Usability

Due to an increase in use of our Ad Hoc Reporting tools, we have received and implemented many customer requests to make it even easier.

  • Users can edit reports in meta-data mode. You no longer have to run a report before being able to modify it.
  • New row count and execution time limits can be applied to all ad hoc created or modified reports, and not your production ones.
  • Define Logical Model field ordering explicitly instead of them being sorted alphabetically.
  • Improved handling of parameterized reports that are modified ad hoc.

Hyperlink Drilldown Improvements

Clicking on text to see related information is the foundation of the world wide web. We've added features to assist this intuitive interaction:

  • A report that is displayed as a result of a hyperlink drilldown now has a "Back" button in the toolbar.
  • Drilling down from a viewsheet to a report based on the same worksheet now preserves the filtering and selections from the viewsheet.
  • The grid of data displayed after a "Show Details" operation on a viewsheet chart now includes any auto-drilldown hyperlinks that are defined.

Administration Enhancements

These product changes benefit those who manage the InetSoft server:

  • Incremental Deployment now includes dashboard definitions and custom script functions
  • Improved support for SSL (HTTPS)
  • Scheduler: easier to use custom conditions/actions; variable naming of attachments

Developer Features

Developers will always be needed, so here are some things to make their lives easier:

  • User-defined script functions are listed in the Script Editor
  • We automatically save multiple backups of the registry files so you can "rollback"
  • Unparseable expression attributes can be tagged so VPMs will be applied

HTML Documentation

The same 1000+ pages of documentation that are provided in 11 PDFs are now also available in HTML. The framework allows for browsing the TOC and index, as well as full text search across all guides. Furthermore, we have added many context-sensitive links to the UI, providing rich online help.

Automatic Dashboard Refresh

Using a dashboard to monitor performance in near real-time is now even easier. Viewsheet options now include a server-side refresh that will update your view at the interval you specify. Leave a monitoring dashboard open and watch time-critical metrics change before your eyes.