Version 11.2 Release Notes

Last Updated November 2, 2011


Version 11.2 is a minor release. It includes the following enhancements:

Incremental Materialized View Update

Materialized views (MVs) have become even more powerful with the addition of incremental updates. Incremental updates allow you to streamline the MV-build process by defining conditions that govern how and when the Viewsheet engine regenerates the MV. This feature is especially useful when the size of your dataset expands over time, because you no longer need to regenerate the entire MV at each cycle execution. Now you can incrementally update an existing MV to reflect recent additions and deletions to the underlying dataset.

Viewsheet Forms and Database Write-Back

Viewsheets now provide a new level of interactivity by allowing users to modify data within the Viewsheet itself. Users can edit table entries, add and delete records, or enter text using a new TextInput control, and then commit their changes to the database. Built-in range-checking and regex filtering are provided on a column-by-column basis to assist in validating user input. Users can also now export Viewsheets to Microsoft Excel for off-line editing. Modifications that a user makes in Excel can be re-imported at a later time and committed to the database. Viewsheet scripting has been enhanced to provide easy access and manipulation of user-entered data.

New Excel Best-Data-Editing Export

In response to customer feedback, the "Best-Data-Editing" option for Excel export has been enhanced to provide better data access. Excel spreadsheets that are produced by the "Best-Data-Editing" option now break the report across multiple sheets (tabs) in the Excel output. The first sheet contains a matched-layout version of the report which preserves the overall report appearance. Subsequent sheets display the individual report data elements (tables, charts, etc.) to facilitate easy editing.

SOAP Repository and Soap Data Service Updates

Due to recent enhancements in parameter handling, SOAP clients which use the current SOAP interface need to be modified. The new structure provides a cleaner way to declare data types and formats.

Other Enhancements

Version 11.2 contains nearly 100 additional enhancements!