Version 11.3 Release Notes

Last Updated March 5, 2012


Version 11.3 is a minor release. It includes the following enhancements:

Freehand Tables in Viewsheet

Viewsheets in version 11.3 include a new component, the Freehand Table. A Freehand Table allows you to create advanced tabular designs by customizing grouping and layout within the table. You can also convert an existing Table or Crosstab to a Freehand Table, which allows you to easily make freehand modifications to existing grouping and layout.

Google Map Integration

Charts can now use Google Map images as backgrounds on which to plot geocoded data. This is not a complete integration where interactive features such as zooming and panning are possible, but the rich-information Google Maps can be leveraged in place of the standard flat political border maps that are already available.

Remote Report Execution in Style Studio

The 'Server' Repository option in the 'Style Studio Configuration' dialog box now provides a choice of 'Local' or 'Remote' execution. 'Local' execution (default) uses the report engine of the local Style Studio installation to generate report previews and exports. 'Remote' execution uses the server report engine to generate all reports, which are then returned to Style Studio for display or export.

Individual Asset Export in Style Studio

Previous versions provided the capability to deploy reports directly from within Style Studio to a remote repository (i.e., "Live Deployment"). Version 11.3 extends this capability to assets other than reports, including data sources, queries, reusable components, and Worksheets.

Individual Chart Export in Viewsheet

Users can now export an individual Viewsheet chart by right-clicking the chart and selecting 'Save Image As' from the context menu.

Input-Based Shared Filters in Viewsheet

In previous versions you could synchronize nested or hyperlinked Viewsheets by defining shared filters for the appropriate Selection components. Version 11.3 extends this capability from Selection components to Input components as well, so that you can now easily synchronize components such as Radio Buttons and Combo Boxes across multiple Viewsheets.

Other Enhancements

Version 11.3 contains nearly 90 additional enhancements!