InetSoft Announces the Release of Style Report 6.5 for Web-Based Reporting

Piscataway, NJ – November 1, 2004 - InetSoft Technology has announced the release of Style Report™ 6.5. This release of version 6.5 includes new reporting features that move InetSoft into prime position to become the market leader in web-based reporting software and business intelligence performance management software. These new feature enhancements, including a complete web-based ad-hoc reporting interface with an easy to use report creation wizard, a redesigned and more streamlined Report Designer, and an improved clustering system, make Style Report a more powerful reporting product for end users, developers, and administrators.

With growing demands from end users for custom reports, considerable emphasis has been placed on the need for powerful, self-service features that enable non-technical end- users to create and modify reports on their own, thereby reducing the time and cost overhead of developing custom reports and data views for these users. For an ad-hoc reporting tool to effectively reduce development efforts, it must cater to a wide range of end-users, starting with the least technical, and must provide them with an easy to use system that allows them to create any type of report within a well defined and guided framework. Style Report's new ad-hoc reporting system does this through an easy to use, but powerful, wizard-driven report creation mechanism. End-users need not have any knowledge of the underlying data source(s) or queries since they are guided through a set of easy-to-follow steps ensuring the creation of a perfect custom report with minimal technical knowledge required. The result is a powerful, streamlined, reporting environment for end-users that lifts the burden from development, support, and IT.

Developers will also benefit from the new Style Report 6.5 release. The burden of custom report creation will be lifted from development, freeing up valuable resources. Report developers will also be better equipped to create and maintain reports, queries, and data models and views, which are all available to the end users for ad hoc report creation. A restructured Report Designer provides quick access to report component properties and fast editing capabilities. Reusable report components reduce development overhead even more, ensuring that Style Report is the most efficient reporting solution available to every development team.

With growing demands on high availability and scalability of enterprise level solutions, InetSoft is providing Style Report system administrators with a new server clustering system that allows reporting servers to be collected together into easy to manage clusters. The Style Report solution may be scaled simply by adding another node onto the reporting cluster. Administration of the cluster is managed through a single "master" server. Operations such as load balancing, starting / stopping, monitoring, and synching may all be controlled from a simple web-based interface.

By providing new, powerful features targeted toward end users, developers, and administrators, Style Report version 6.5 aims to provide an immediate and evident return on the investment, through major reductions in the amount of development and administration overhead. Gone are the days of end users requesting customized reports from your development/support department which then require re-tasking and allotment of valuable resources. Style Report 6.5 increases the usability and creation capabilities for developers, administrators, and end users through an innovative approach to integrated, web-based, self-service components.

About Style Report

Designed as an enterprise reporting and analytic solution, the Style Report family is suitable for a wide range of embedded or stand-alone applications. A zero-client and open standard-based, cross-platform server engine ensures that customers realize the highest return on their investment and maintain the maximum level of flexibility.

About InetSoft Technology Corp

InetSoft Technology Corporation is a leading software development and service company offering dashboard and balanced scorecard software plus web based ad_hoc reporting software. InetSoft was founded in 1996 by a strong team hailing from world-renowned organizations such as Bell Laboratories and Goldman Sachs. InetSoft employs talented individuals who have been working on Java/XML since the early days, when it was only a topic in research circles. The strong belief in open standard-based software and the company's early vision for Internet-based technologies has given InetSoft a solid lead in the area.


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“By providing new, powerful features targeted toward end users, developers, and administrators, Style Report version 6.5 aims to provide an immediate and evident return on the investment, through major reductions in the amount of development and administration overhead.”

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