Real-time Analytics Provide Value in Capital Markets

Customers and industry analysts are validating InetSoft’s value in Capital Markets.

“The only way to differentiate is to use InetSoft’s real-time technology as a strategic weapon.” – Managing Director, Fixed Income, Fortune 10 Bank

“InetSoft helps us ensure execution capacity to our top customers, which is key to our success.” – Managing Director, Equities, Fortune 10 Bank

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Meet Different Sets of Business Intelligence and Analysis Needs

BI software today needs to be highly flexible and be able to recognize the needs of different classes of users. Different classes of users have different sets of business intelligence and analysis needs. A business user views their world very differently from a trade-operations user; an IT user views the world radically different from a business user.

InetSoft understands this and delivers tailored visualizations based on the different user needs and perspectives. Utilizing the data collected from the underlying source infrastructure InetSoft can model, pivot, correlate and aggregate the data events according to particular end user requirements.

● An individual business user can visualize metrics around the performance of the trading business

● A trade-operations user can see the “health” of the trade processing as it travels through various system components

● An IT person can see metrics and alerts that pinpoint performance degradation (latency) inside the IT infrastructure

InetSoft easily handles all of these perspectives allowing you to leverage a single technology solution across a variety of user groups.

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Get a Proven ROI in a Matter of Months

In addition, InetSoft software is a unique solution, providing operational intelligence, process awareness, flexible modeling, an action framework, a customizable and empowering end-user interface for a proven ROI in a matter of months. With InetSoft you get an enterprise class solution that’s production quality, fault-tolerant and highly available.

Electronic trading is not new to Wall Street, but the trading game is changing more rapidly than ever before. The personal business relationships between Buy-side and Sell-side banks have been diminished. Greater delivery speed and the dramatic increase in trading volumes have exposed once-hidden business-operational issues.

For a Sell-side bank to remain competitive and keep high industry ratings, sooner or later they will need software like InetSoft to proactively manage their trading environment. Whether it is the front, middle or back office, the InetSoft solution can help recapture lost visibility, regain control of operations, drive additional revenue and reduce expense costs.

The strong InetSoft framework allows you to deploy the solution throughout the entire enterprise, to control any aspect of the trading business. To date, customers have deployed InetSoft within Fixed Income, Equities, Futures and Options, Foreign Exchange, and within back office Risk operations.

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