InetSoft Reporting Software - Report Schedule Management

Complete report schedule management is within the grasp of end-users with InetSoft's interactive reporting software, a powerful all-in-one business intelligence application used at over 3000 organizations worldwide. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

It is possible to specify multiple actions. Click on the 'Multiple Actions' button at the bottom right of the editing panel. This will display the schedule action list to which you can add, delete or edit actions by clicking on the 'Add', 'Delete' and 'Edit' buttons respectively.

Once the scheduler action is specified, select the Options tab at the bottom of the editing panel to specify the different options available when executing the scheduler task.There are several options available when modifying a schedule task.

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A task can be temporarily enabled or disabled by selecting or deselecting this option.

Delete if not scheduled to run again

If a task is scheduled to run once, this option will delete it from the system once it runs.

Start From and Stop On

A task will only execute within the specified date range.

Execute As

A task can be executed as a user, in which case user permissions will influence the execution of the task; e.g., if VPMs (data level security) are set up different users will see different data. All the existing users who have permission to use the scheduler will be included in the drop down list.


Different locales can be specified for individual tasks by using this option. This allows you to set the language and formats to use.

You can view and monitor all of your scheduled tasks can from the Schedule tab. This tab provides a list of the schedule tasks, in which you can view the start time, end time, the status of the last run, and the start time for the next run.

• Click the 'Run Now' button to execute the task immediately.
• Click the 'Stop Now' button to stop the task immediately.
• Click the 'Delete' button to delete this task.

To temporarily disable a task, deselect the 'Enabled' checkbox on the Options tab.

InetSoft Viewpoint

"So the possibilities are endless and the ability to bring those disparate types of information together is pretty critical. The goals were to easily access to disparate data, gain agility, provide real time data services, and also incorporate new feeds, and deliver high performance and scalability for large data volumes. It meant creating a hybrid approach for stable location data using a data warehouse and combine more semi-static feeds into them as a real time integration using virtualization. The benefits we have already talked about are pretty immense in this case." - Mark Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer

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