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Report targets actions give users the ability to summon powerful metrics that facilitate the evaluation of recent data trends. InetSoft's visually driven reporting software empowers executives with the tools to extract and pair information when needed. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

A target action is launched when the target condition specified is not met. It essentially defines the operations to be performed.

Select the 'Send Notification Action' option from the list titled 'Action Type'. A 'Send Notification Action' will send an email to all users who are subscribers to this target.

Select the 'Detail Report Action' option from the list titled 'Action Type'. (A particular detail report must first be specified under the Metric tab.) A 'Detail Report Action' will execute the detail report associated with the metric. There are a number of delivery options once the report is executed, and they are listed below.



Save in Archive

Save the generated report in the report archive. A report archive must be properly configured, and the scheduler user must have proper permissions to save the report in the selected folder.

Print on server

Print to one or more printers. The printer name must be accessible from the host machine. The printing mechanism is done through the custom driver (the JDK default printing does not support selecting a printer by name), and is under the same constraints as the custom drivers.

Deliver to emails

Send a report as a PDF file, or as a file with one of the exporting formats, to other people. The file is sent as an attachment. If the file is too large, it will be split into multiple emails. The maximum size allowed for each email is defined by the 'mail.attachment.max' property.

Save to Disk

Save the report on the local file system in any of the following formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, SVG, CSV

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It is also possible to create your own custom target action. Click on the 'New' link, located below the navigation tree, and select the 'Action' option. Specify the fully qualified class name of the custom target action class. This class must implement the inetsoft.analytic.alert.TargetAction interface.

For more information on this interface, view the Javadocs found in your {InetSoftInstallationRoot}/ file. This target action will automatically show up in the list of actions when creating a target.

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It is possible to specify multiple target actions. Click on the 'Multiple Actions' button at the bottom right of the editing panel. This will display the target action list to which you can add, delete or edit targets by clicking on the 'Add', 'Delete' and 'Edit' buttons, respectively.

The subject and the body of the target action emails can contain special tags which are place holders for certain special values. e.g., {0}= Target name. The email subject could be: 'Data Exception For Target {0}'. To view a list of the tags, click on the help button beside the text boxes.

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