InetSoft How-To: Customize Report Page Regions

Page Regions can be fully customized to give you the highest level of data visualization; another feature embedded in InetSoft's reporting software. View the example below to learn more about custom data visualization with the Style Intelligence solution.

To change the page-region layout of the report, follow the steps below:

1. Click the ‘Report Layout’ button in the Ad Hoc toolbar. This dims the report contents, and outlines the report regions in gray.

2. Click on a report region (cell) to select it, or drag the mouse to select multiple cells. (Selected cells have a darker outline).

3. Right-click on the selected cells to open the ‘Report Layout’ context menu. The ‘Report Layout’ context menu allows you to merge, split, insert, and delete row and column cells.

4. Drag the cell boundary to resize the corresponding report region.