Web-Based Reporting Software With Customizable Dashboards

InetSoft's Style Intelligence software delivers the ultimate in web-based reporting, combining an enterprise-ready, highly-scalable reporting engine with an easy-to-use interface geared toward business users.

Web-based report creation tools allow users at any skill level to create rich reports in a fully self-service environment requiring only a web browser.

Self-service tools are also provided for creating data source connections to all on-premises and cloud data sources and for effortlessly mashing up and transforming data. Reports can be shared in a wide variety of formats via print, email, and social network, and report generation can be fully automated.

A desktop application, Style Studio, provides additional capabilities to dedicated report developers for designing complex pixel-perfect production reports.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence also provides the most effective tools for designing customizable dashboards. Again featuring a fully self-service web-based environment, InetSoft allows business users to easily add charts, tables, KPI gauges, and a variety of filter and input controls to create functional and interactive dashboards within minutes. Dashboards can be easily deployed to the web server and made available to other users, who can further customize the dashboard and tailor their data views to suit their own needs. Dashboards can be configured to display up-to-the-second real-time data from the database or to use a high-performance cache to increase responsivity.

In addition to providing the easiest tools for business users to rapidly develop reports and customizable dashboards, InetSoft's Style Intelligence provides a wide variety of features to meet enterprise-level demands, such as scalability via server clustering, security at the user- and action-level supporting LDAP, SSO, and virtual security models, full scriptability and parameterization at all levels from data source to query to individual report component, support for multi-tenancy, and extensive integration capability with other web frameworks. InetSoft provides the complete solution for web-based reports and customizable dashboards.

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Create custom reports from any data source

Users can easily create customized reports using InetSoft's web-based reporting software, which features the ability to retrieve, aggregate, and format data from any data source, including traditional relational databases, text and Excel files, REST data sources, and hundreds of different cloud-based data warehouses.

Data from these different sources can be easily federated and transformed to suit the needs of the report. Reports can be fully customized to allow users to view data by month, week, day, hour, minute, or even second. Users can share reports in the provided User Portal, by integration in any website, or via email and social media.

Automatically generate charts and graphs

InetSoft's Style Intelligence provides Wizards and Recommenders to automatically generate charts and graphs that make it easy to see trends and patterns in data. Users can customize the appearance of these charts and graphs using advanced web-based editing tools that provide the ability to select from dozens of different chart types, integrate multiple dimensions and measures, and add target lines, trend lines, conditional formats, tooltips, and projections.

Charts can be dynamically controlled through the use of simple form elements such as menus and radio buttons to allow business uses to graphically explore their data using a familiar and convenient interface.

Save time by creating multiple reports at once

Style Intelligence provides a number of features to allow users to save time by creating multiple reports simultaneously. Reusable components such as Beans and Meta-Templates facilitate the creation of a family of reports based on a single prototype, where each individual in the family can be customized as needed. User and role-based security filters such as the Virtual Private Model and multi-tenancy enable a single report to deliver different data to different users based on their identity or job function.

Reports and dashboards can be parameterized at many levels so that users can select different criteria and generate different charts and graphs for each parameter set, and users can even choose to display the results as a table or graphically. Report automation allows a single report to be automatically parameterized and batch generated, delivering custom data to different users or to suit different needs at different times.

Share reports with others via email or social media

Reports can easily be shared through email or social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via link. This allows users to share reports with colleagues, clients, or other interested parties in a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Effective sharing helps to ensure that everyone has access to the same data, and InetSoft makes this easy to automate as well through scheduled report generation and distribution.

Export reports as PDF files

You can easily export reports as PDF files so that they can be viewed offline. This makes it easier to view the report when no internet connection in available. PDF files can be generated on an as-needed basis from the report toolbar using the Export or Email features, or can be automatically created and distributed by a scheduled task.

PDF files can also be created by the built-in report archiving feature and stored for archival or auditing purposes by a versioning system such as CVS.