Why InetSoft BI?

Cloud computing and software-as-a-service are quickly evolving into a mixture of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. InetSoft's business intelligence solution is a highly versatile platform for different application scenarios in this new computing era.

InetSoft Hosted Cloud Flexible BI

InetSoft's cloud flexible business intelligence solution delivers the benefit of cloud computing and software-as-a-service while giving you the maximum level of control. In terms of software-as-a-service, BI software is unique because it inherently depends on the data not being embedded in the application.

Many SaaS BI vendors have created a cloud platform where you must transfer and update all data. This can create severe new issues because of bandwidth limits and updating-logic complexity. Even though some might offer a traditional install-your-own option, you will lose the benefit of SaaS that offloads the infrastructure management to the BI vendor. InetSoft's BI allows you to choose the platform and the location that is best suited for you.


Bring SaaS BI to Your Data, Not the Other Way Around

Bringing the software to the data, not the data to the software, is a proven winning formula in BI. Data tends to quickly increase in volume, variety, and velocity. If your BI application is deployed geographically far from your primary data source, moving the data to the software will become a bigger and bigger challenge as you grow. Even when data movement is not yet an insurmountable issue, users are limited by how frequently data can be refreshed and will pay a performance penalty if directly querying data sources. InetSoft allows you co-locate a fully serviced SaaS BI instance with your primary data source to minimize data movement and deliver the highest performance.

Ensure Success Even If you Have No Dedicated BI Developer
InetSoft Includes One-on-One Expert Help

InetSoft's SaaS BI doesn't stop at providing a managed BI environment. In order for a BI project to be successful, it requires experience and expertise to best apply BI to each situation. Normally this means staffing experienced and dedicated BI developers in-house. InetSoft provides free expert fast-start mentoring that delivers the expertise even when no in-house dedicated BI expert is available. Our expert help doesn't stop at initial deployment. A set of on-demand one-on-one sessions are also included on an ongoing basis that will keep your BI environment operating optimally.

Grow Without a License Price Cliff
Cost-effective Unlimited User Pricing

For SaaS BI licensing, per user subscriptions are normally the starting point. When usage grows or administration of users becomes too difficult, there are capacity pricing models that are based on the number of cores. But many times with other BI solutions, there is a steep cost cliff between per user and per capacity pricing. InetSoft's small-footprint BI allows affordable capacity pricing that you can smoothly transition into.

Embedding and Self-Hosting

In many embedding and certain cloud computing settings, InetSoft's BI solution is preferably hosted and controlled by you. Even though InetSoft is not directly managing the software for you, InetSoft's cloud flexible design still delivers great benefits.

Small-Footprint Architecture
Utilize Cost Efficient Instances

InetSoft BI can be deployed to a cloud instance as small as two virtual cores. In contrast, traditional business intelligence software typically requires machines or instances with at least 8 cores. The small footprint allows flexible deployment options. For instance, your embedding application needs the option of client site deployment. Packaging InetSoft's small-footprint BI as part of your solution will allow utilization of the most cost-efficient instances.

Scale Up or Scale Out
Align with Embedding Architecture

An embedded BI solution must align to the embedding applications scaling model. While scaling up uses more powerful instances, scaling out utilizes more instances. There are business and technical reasons to favor one type. For instance, regulations like HIPAA may require you to isolate each client's instance; that will favor scaling out. InetSoft's BI allows you to scale efficiently regardless of which model you choose.

Expert Aided Single Sign-on, Rebranding and Theming with Multi-Tenant Support

In order to deliver a seamless user experience, embedding a BI solution commonly requires architecture and user interface alignment. Some of this can be accomplished with standardized mechanisms. But many details must be refined with the BI partner's close cooperation. Larger vendors are too rigid or less responsive. InetSoft's long history of OEM partnering means you benefit from embedding integration experts who work hand in hand with your engineering team.