Why Choose InetSoft's Business Intelligence Technology

InetSoft's differentiating strength comes from its small footprint, cloud-first design philosophy. Compared to traditional business intelligence and analytics software, InetSoft's small footprint platform is distinct as it:

  • Requires significantly less computing power and resources
  • Minimizes skill training and administration with an all-in-one web app for analytics, dashboard, reporting, and data preparation, for both professional designers and self-service business users
  • Delivers consistent high performance with an on-demand mini-warehouse that avoids IT heavy processes

Continue reading below to learn reasons why

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Small Footprint Business Intelligence - Optimized for Cloud Computing

InetSoft can be deployed to a cloud instance as small as two virtual cores (vCore) for basic use. Actually, it's not even possible to buy a physical machine this small since two vCores is equivalent to one physical core. In contrast, traditional business intelligence software typically requires machines or instances with at least 4 to 8 physical cores.

The benefit is directly realized in the software license cost and underlying computing resource cost savings. More importantly, it allows a great amount of flexibility to customize and scale as usage outgrows a deployment. Organizations can scale-up with a more powerful instance or scale-out with a Kubernetes cluster of small instances.

This flexibility is especially useful for embedding or rebranding scenarios. Imagine a simple case where each of your end-user customers requires a different branding. You no longer have to force them to share a monolithic, expensive deployment with complex branding and security management.

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Single Modular Web App - Boundaryless Self-Service Growth and Collaboration

With traditional business intelligence software, designers need special tools, most likely desktop tools. Many times, they also need to master more than one tool separately for data preparation, dashboarding, analytics, and reporting. On the other hand, self-service business users are given a much-limited web app.

InetSoft's single small footprint, modular web app drastically simplifies the environment for users of all skill levels. The foundation of the web app is a small footprint data mashup engine. Users with knowledge of the data can transform and mash up data from all sources without having to wait for IT to prepare the data.

Analytics and reporting sometimes are used interchangeably by business users. In a technical sense, analytics and reporting have distinct characteristics. InetSoft Web App enables analytics with highly flexible visual dashboards. The reporting component delivers pixel perfect, paginated reports, especially for voluminous details.

With the single Web App, the tool chasm between professionals and self-service users is erased. Functional components and data components can be selectively granted to users according to their skills and knowledge. Self-service users and professional designers can seamlessly collaborate in the same Web App.

On-Demand Mini-Warehouse - Harness Disparate Data without Heavy IT Resources

Cloud computing not only causes the migration of in-house systems into the cloud. But it also introduces a host of Software-as-a-Service data sources that are rapidly evolving. IT heavy data warehouses and ETL technology are increasingly challenged in the cloud computing era, especially given its complex and costly nature even in the pre-cloud era.

InetSoft's mini-warehouse is not a smaller data warehouse. Unlike a traditional data warehouse, a mini-warehouse is not pre-created. It's an optionally utilized, on-demand acceleration data store based on a dashboard or a report. When live access to data sources proves to be slow or too costly, mini-warehouse can be dynamically created on-demand, or scheduled, by administrators or users.

SaaS data sources exhibit wide differences in their transfer speed, rate limits, and volume. When a traditional database migrates into the cloud, similar cloud challenges can develop. InetSoft mini-warehouse is powered by a high-performance data mashup engine. It removes the disparity among data sources and delivers speed-of-thought performance.

One-on-One Help - InetSoft as a Partner

Even with a much-streamlined software solution, InetSoft has learned that every customer is unique. Experience is a great help in deciding the best approach to apply the software. Starting on the right path, a great deal of trial and error can be avoided.

That's why InetSoft provides universal one-on-one help. To InetSoft, only this combination of streamlined software and one-on-one help is the true form of Software-as-a-Service.