Interactive Industry Dashboard Examples

Are you curious as to how interactive web dashboards can help you explore your business data? Below are some examples of industry-specific interactive dashboards built with InetSoft's Style Scope. Click on any dashboard that interests you, and a live interactive version will open in a second tab of your web browser. You can ask questions of the data in these visualizations by moving sliders and other selection components, hovering your mouse over a given data point, or even viewing and extracting raw filtered data.

Marketing Management

Marketing Dashboard

This dashboard tracks every aspect of sales leads, including their location, their source, conversion rates, and distribution among sales teams.

Enrollment Trends

College Dashboard

This dashboard shows a school administrator what the progression of major choices has been over the past several years, and breaks down the student population into various demographics, including race, gender, and other categories.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims Dashboard

This dashboard breaks down insurance claims by demographics, claim type and status, enabling a manager to explore what tyoe of claims are coming from what people, and see the results of those claims.

CRM Lead Touch Tracker

CRM Lead Touch Dashboard

This dashboard enables a sales manager to keep track of how her department is keeping up with current leads, and also helps pinpoint which leads need to be contacted again. Leads can be filtered by date modified, status, amount of touches, and by account name. The dashboard also features a search bar, allowing the status of individual leads to be researched.


Telecommunications Dashboard

This dashboard helps a telecom provider see the popularity and network utilization of different data plans, how the networks are varying in quality across different states, and track the general revenue provided by the different data plans.

Industry Inputs

Industry Inputs Dashboard

This type of visualization could enable an analyst of the steel market to explore what countries are importing and exporting the most steel, and how those imports and exports are changing over time.

Financial Client Demographics

finserv dashboard

This dashboard of client demographics allows a financial company to see who their clients are in terms of income and age, and how these different categories of clients contribute to overall revenue and profit.

Product Orders

Orders Industry Dashboard

With this dashboard, a purchasing manager can see how his company's orders break down regionally, and also monitor the performance of his purchasing agents in comparison to their quotas.

Construction Accidents and Salaries

sales dashboard

This construction dashboard enables a corporate manager to analyze various aspects of the company's relationship with it's employees and projects, exploring accidents vs. worker pay, worker type, job locations, equipment used, and reasons for delay. Additionally, this dashboard monitors revenue by state and employee type, and compares revenue to employee salaries.

Manufacturing and Sales

Manufacturing Industry Dashboard

The dashboard above provides information regarding performance as well as sales for a manufacturing company. Some aspects presented include man hours vs. time to produce, defects by workers, client orders by price & time, tools vs. errors, and time to produce. In addition to this, data can be explored by considering the state and client, regions & employee, worker, and overall reasons for project delays.