Ccmparing InetSoft Style Intelligence with Tableau

Looking to see how InetSoft's solution stacks up against Tableau Software? Peer-to-peer business solutions review platform G2 Crowd has released its ratings of BI vendors and InetSoft has scored impressively, beating Tableau in the majority of ratings.

InetSoft beat Tableau in 6 out of 7 general categories: its capacity to Generally Meet Requirements, Ease of Use, Setup, and Administration, Quality of Support and Ease of Doing Business With. None of these ratings come as a surprise to anyone who's experienced InetSoft's versatility and commitment to its customer base.

InetSoft also outperformed Tableau on rankings related to the strength of its platform, winning in Sandbox/Test Environments, Customization, User, Role, and Access Management, and Breadth of Partner Applications. InetSoft's strength in customization ranges from its white label friendliness as an embeddeble OEM product to its flexibility in assigning permissions to various levels of users.

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An Easy to Learn Alternative to Tableau

InetSoft's solution is known for being easy to deploy, so it's no surprise that InetSoft beat Tableau in Ease of Use, Setup, and Administration. The ease and flexibility of the InetSoft platform is often reflected in the relatively fast deployment time; InetSoft customers appreciate that the InetSoft platform can be deployed in a matter of hours, as opposed to deployments stretching on for weeks that are typical of other BI products.

Self service is a particular focus of InetSoft, and in that area InetSoft outranked Tableau in Calculated Fields, Data Column Filtering, Search, and Collaboration/Workflow. InetSoft's proprietary data worksheet makes data alterations, mashups, and reformatting easy to accomplish, without having to mess with code.

This convenience and ease of use extends to InetSoft's reporting interface, which won on Steps to Answer, Scorecards, Data Transformation, Data Modeling, WYSIWYG Report Design, and Integration Apis.

InetSoft Scored Higher than Tableau in the Following Areas


  • Meet Requirements
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Features

  • Steps to Answer
  • ScoreCards
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling
  • WYSIWYG report Design
  • Integration APIs
  • Self Service
  • Calculated fields
  • Data Column Filtering
  • Search, and Collaboration/Workflow

  • Platform
  • Sandbox/Test Environments
  • Customization
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Breadth of Partner Applications