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Executive Summary for the Report

Business intelligence technologies are well established in many organizations - half of the organizations that Aberdeen surveys have been using BI for 5 years or more. But, despite this wealth of experience, Aberdeen has found that only 43% of business intelligence projects are delivered on-time or early.

Agile BI is business intelligence that can rapidly adapt to meet changing business needs. As emerging business events require managers to have access to new or different information, an agile BI implementation can quickly deliver that information - through manipulation by the business users themselves or by IT professionals.

Fast Facts Extracted from the Agile BI Report

Best-in-Class companies are more than twice as likely as all others to provide BI to their end-users that is fully interactive. That is, all parts of the BI presentation can be used to manipulate the underlying information in some way. With a highly responsive, fully interactive tool at their disposal business managers can effectively explore data as fast as their creativity and imagination will let them.

Chart: Top Strategies for Delivering Agile BI

Chart: Key Best-in-Class Business Intelligence Technologies

Forty-three percent (43%) of enterprises report that making timely decisions is becoming more difficult. Managers increasingly find they have less time to make decisions after business events occur. Alternatively, managers are likely to need more - or different - information in order to support their decisions effectively.

Jammed between a rock and a hard place, organizations of all types are fairly united in the approach they plan to take to manage the flood of data on one hand and the expectations of business managers on the other. Enterprises are working to streamline their IT organization and simultaneously make executives and managers more self-sufficient in their use of BI.

Analyst Recommendation for Implementing Agile BI

Success requires close collaboration between IT and BI professionals and the business users concerned. A BI center of excellence can provide a solid foundation for BI projects by providing appropriate data, software tools and training.

For their part, business managers need to be willing to undergo a change in culture and working practices. They need to get "hands-on" to interact with and manipulate data if they are to meet the shrinking timeframe for business decisions that they face.