Writing Ad Hoc Reports with InetSoft

Looking for an Ad Hoc Report Writer? InetSoft offers ad hoc reporting software for writing ad hoc reports and Web-based production with a drag and drop designer. InetSoft's report writing tools are easy, agile and robust. Based on a product that has won 8 JDJ Readers Choice Awards in a row, there are two editions:

Style Report Enterprise provides a zero-client, Web-based application for:
  • - Production reports
  • - Interactive reports
  • - Ad hoc reports

Style Report Enterprise's small footprint, 100% Java, pure Web architecture delivers an embedding and integration-ready platform. This software, designed for ad hoc reporting, not only integrates with any Web user interface, it also leverages the same application server platform as that of the embedding application.

Style Report Professional provides:
  • - An engine for reporting
  • - An API
  • - An authoring environment
Style Report Professional allows IT professionals to create sophisticated production reports that can be deployed for server based, or desktop based applications. The small footprint and 100% Java architecture makes it an ideal solution for embedded ad hoc reports. It is based upon XML, JavaScript, and other open standards technology that allows IT to fully leverage existing skills.
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