Best Visual Dashboards

InetSoft's dashboard builder tool, Style Intelligence, can create some of the most visually pleasing dashboards around. Dashboards have been established as a highly effective business intelligence tool that can be used for monitoring performance or analyzing data.

Style intelligence employs a visualization heavy approach to facilitate rapid deployment of self-service dashboards. The best visual dashboards allow users to monitor, explore, analyze, and drilldown into details. They are easy to use, modify, and create all the while being suitable for both executive and power-user exploration.

InetSoft's dashboards leverage user-driven data mashup, empowering business users with an intuitive monitoring and analytic environment. The ease of use coupled with the sheer power of the software opens the door to enhanced business performance.

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Below you will find many examples of professional dashboards created from scratch with Style Intelligence:

Education KPI Dashboard

visual education dashboard

Construction Dashboard

best construction dashboard

Data Discovery Example

visual data discovery example

University Enrollment Dashboard

best university  dashboard

Ipad Marketing Dashboard

visual marketing dashboard

Geographic Dashboard

best visual dashboard sample

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