Business Intelligence Dashboard Examples

Looking for business intelligence dashboard examples? InetSoft offers award winning dashboard solutions. InetSoft's dashboard tool requires no expensive BI experts or consultants to deploy and offers an intuitive point-and-click, highly visual, easy-to-use interface.

InetSoft's dashboard tools reduce TCO and help the enterprise realize immediate ROI by empowering their users with maximum self-service ability. Click on the screenshots below to get a closer look.

Effective dashboard tools allow businesses to compare their many data sets and display data mashups in a user friendly format. Enterprise-grade solutions are server-based and support all devices.

User Friendly Business Intelligence Dashboard Example

Sophisticated analysis techniques teamed with intuitive visualizations enable users to interpret results in a meaningful way.

Sophisticated Business Intelligence Dashboard Example

Proactive companies are equipped with business intelligence dashboards which enable them to: detect problem areas, spot opportunities and improve data accuracy.

Proactive Business Intelligence Dashboard Example
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