InetSoft: Data Analysis Tools That Are Easy to Deploy and Easy to Use

In the context of business intelligence, data analysis ranges from simple summarizations to drill-into-detail visual data exploration. In some cases you’re answering a question. In other cases you’re projecting into the future. Therefore a good business intelligence solution is one that includes powerful, yet intuitive data analysis tools.

InetSoft provides an innovative Web-based software application that produces brilliant visualizations of multidimensional data. Data analysis is sped up by condensing dozens of static reports into a single powerful interactive multi-dimensional analytical view, allowing users to sift through loads of data that otherwise might have taken dozens of clicks through dozens of static reports.

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Why InetSoft?

InetSoft's Style Intelligence is easy to use, interactive BI software that leverages a powerful patent-pending Data Block that focuses on business data exploration by combining Data Block™ technology with visualization. Visual analyses are constructed in real-time by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, metrics and selections. The resulting view reveals the intrinsic relationships among the data.

InetSoft has been providing business intelligence software since 1996 and includes powerful, yet intuitive data analysis tools in its Web-based BI platform.

InetSoft's analysis tools are robust enough to:

  • satisfy different business users
  • fulfill the demands of power users
  • meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes

are agile enough to:

  • adjust to modified data structures and business needs
  • provide data analysis through visualization and maximum self-service

and easy enough to be:

  • utilized in weeks, rather than months
  • learned by new users without much training
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