Hyperion Essbase Business Intelligence Dashboard Reporting

Integrating a powerful and sophisticated database like Hyperion Essbase into your business intelligence software can become a hassle and disruptive process.

At InetSoft, we simplify that process for your organization as our software focuses on quick visual analysis and report creation with our business intelligence dashboards that easily accommodates not only Hyperion Essbase data, but a slew of other databases as well.

Quick to employ and use, InetSoft's Style Intelligence™ solution is a cost effective and time efficient software developed for organizations looking to create and analyze high quality reports.

InetSoft offers a Web-based application that can handle all of your organizational BI needs including, but not limited to, dashboards, visual analysis, and/or report creation which can easily integrate your data from Hyperion Essbase to create visually appealing and easy-to-interpret reports.

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Hyperion Essbase What If Scenario Dashboard
Hyperion Essbase Marketing Dashboard

How InetSoft is Different

What differentiates us from other vendors is the level of interactivity and the visual appeal of our dashboard and reporting capabilities. While other vendors offer sophisticated tools for operational use only, our software provides easy access and employment to any and all users. Additionally, our report designer tool is simple to use while empowering users with an intuitive set of tools. InetSoft is a specialist and pioneer in the area of highly engaging, user-friendly HTML5-based visualizations and dashboards that are easy to develop and personalize.

When creating rich, interactive visualizations and reports, it is important to note our I.C.E. approach. We find that integration and accessibility to a multitude of databases helps users transfer and utilize their information in a smooth fashion. Collective cooperation is necessary in any type of organization and so we made it a focus to ease the cooperation process for users as our product allows organizations to work closely with one another, help each other out by having access and reusing the work of others. Finally, we believe that allowing all users to have the capability to explore information sources can benefit individuals and businesses as a whole.

Database Access

Unlike traditional BI, which aggregates data into datawarehouses in a slow and expensive manner, InetSoft offers direct data access to operational databases allowing users to have access to the most current information. Simply put, you don't use "old" data.


InetSoft's patent pending Data Block technology enables speedy data access across a range of data sources including Web services, flat files, relational databases, and of course, multi-dimensional databases.

In InetSoft's BI Suite, Style Intelligence, the Data Block technology is integrated into the server. For database sources, it takes full advantage of database power by retrieving data directly from the original source or from pre-aggregated materialized views.

Hyperion Essbase Supply Chain Dashboard
Hyperion Essbase Dashboard Provider Example
Hyperion Essbase Dashboard Vendor Example

Data Access Features

  • Access Multiple Data Sources - connect to relational databases (JDBC), multidimensional databases, Hadoop/HIVE, XML, SOAP, Java beans (POJO), Microsoft Excel, flat files, OLAP cubes, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, salesforce.com, Siebel CRM, Postgress, Google AdWords and Analytics, and Microsoft SharePoint
  • End-user Defined Data Mashup - combine data within a single data source or across multiple data sources into unified data sets using union, intersection, minus, inner/outer joins, etc.; simple drag-and-drop interface gives business users maximum self-service – a unique capability of Style Intelligence
  • Reusability/Collaboration - reuse objects such as queries, worksheets, viewsheets, and report components for efficient team collaboration
  • Virtual Private Model (VPM) - create virtual private models to limit data-level access by user, role, or group designation
  • OLAP Overlay - create multi-dimensional hierarchies on top of a logical model
  • ERwin Importer - import data models from ERwin
  • MOLAP Cubes - supports Essbase, MS Analysis Service, and Oracle OLAP

Data Mashup

At InetSoft, we pride ourselves on our unique and intuitive data mashup capabilities. This allows users to combine disparate data from the our long list of supported data sources, including our support for Hyperion Essbase. It's a platform for operational BI with an intuitive user interface that accelerates the usage of BI. Requirements that include reporting, OLAP, scorecards, dashboards, visualization, and ad hoc analysis are all met in one unified application.

Hyperion Essbase Dashboard Upgrade Example