Manufacturing Quality Dashboard Example

Monitor Your Day to Day Performance

As you can see to the right, dashboards are quite powerful tools for helping you do just that. The mock dashboard provided tracks multiple business metrics in an easy-to-read-and-use environment.

This dashboard displays a plethora of information in a small editable locale. It uses many common key performance indicators to track the overall efficiency of an organization.

The three graphs following the multicolor bubble chart can be viewed in unison to paint an overall picture of current worker efficiency; how long is it taking to manufacture product? How many mistakes are being made? What tools are causing the most problems? The answers to these questions can be very useful when attempting to increase a company's effectiveness and profits.

The final graph on this dashboard displays three metrics (client orders, time to produce, and price to produce), to tell managers where the demand lies and if it is a good idea to continue or discontinue certain products.
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manufacturing management analytics dashboard example
manufacturing sales analytics dashboard example

How Data Visualization Can Help

The boxes and calendar on the bottom of the dashboard above, as well as the selection of distinct colors, are what make InetSoft unique. By enabling or disabling options tied to different boxes and calendars, users can instantly update their dashboard to display information more relevant to their interests.

For example, the rightmost display has at least four metrics being compared: client orders, price, time, and profits. Using data mashup, InetSoft's software can compare these metrics against an unlimited number of other user defined variables, projecting a large amount of data within a very manageable arena.

Style Intelligence™ by InetSoft is an operational business intelligence platform that features a powerful data mashup engine for the creation of dashboards, visual analyses, and reporting. The unified, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use business intelligence solution maximizes self-service and serves both enterprises and solution providers.

InetSoft's BI software leverages a powerful patent-pending Data Block™ foundation for real-time data mashup and presents information through interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, scorecards, and exception alerts.

Other Quality Metrics to Consider

  • Training penetration rate
  • Time-to-market of new products/services
  • Average number of training hours per employee
  • Ratio, Data Accuracy
  • Ratio, Data Duplication
  • Quality personnel to normal personnel ratio
  • Average time from idea to first patent filing
  • % of rejected patents