Manufacturing Sales Dashboard Example

Are you searching for good examples of manufacturing sales dashboards?

As you can see in this sample, dashboards are strong instruments for doing just that. The dashboard provided exposes many key performance indicators in a highly visual and coherent manner.

This is a deceptively simple dashboard. The top display is a simple bar graph displaying clients versus expected revenue. The graph underneath it is similar, showing expected revenue versus sales region.

The middle graphs, though, contain much more information. Displayed in those two small elements is the company's expected revenue, their manufacturing performance, information about kind of products make the most money and how well expected revenue matched up with actual revenue.
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The InetSoft Way

The boxes and calendar located at the bottom of this dashboard coupled with the mixture of colors are what make InetSoft different. By checking different boxes or changing the date, users can instantly update their dashboard to display information relevant to their interests. In the top-left most display, clients and anticipated revenue are shown.

By utilizing a data mashup engine, InetSoft's software can compare these metrics against an infinite amount of user defined variables. A lot of data can be displayed in a small space with Style Intelligence.

Style Intelligence by InetSoft is an operational business intelligence platform that features a powerful data mashup engine for the production of dashboards, visual analyses, and reporting. The unified, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use business intelligence solution maximizes self-service and serves both enterprises and solution providers.

InetSoft's BI software leverages a powerful patent-pending Data Block™ foundation for real-time data mashup and presents information through interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, scorecards, and exception alerts.

Additional Operational Sales Metrics:

  • Sell-through %
  • % of client facing employees
  • Bonus payout as a % of total possible
  • Market Share %
  • % of repeat business turnover/revenue
  • Average sales per customer or transaction
  • Conversion rate of marketing/sales campaigns
  • Attrition or churn
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