Looking for Information about Data Mashups?

Mashup essentially means combining disparate data sources that were not previously architected to be used together. In a data warehouse environment with rigid ETL process, data mashup yields other benefits, particularly in allowing prototyping of data maniupulations before committing to new, official ETL definitions and transformations.

Data mashup is a central capability of InetSoft's Style Intelligence business intelligence software platform. InetSoft has solutions to meet the needs of those organizations that have a BI environment and have developed data warehouses, operational data stores, or data marts, but are experiencing difficulty leveraging that data to yield insights that can improve corporate performance.

Some key benefits to InetSoft's mashup capabilities included in its Style Intelligence business intelligence software platform are:

Explore data with self service solutions:

  • A visualization driven approach allows users to perform their own reporting and analysis with very little IT support. By using familiar graphical objects and an intuitive Web 2.0 interface end users are empowered to easily explore, manipulate, and display data to gain new insights.

Connect easily to existing data sources:

  • With its patent-pending Data Block technology, InetSoft simplifies the process of accessing data. Users can retrieve information from data warehouses, transactional databases, or other sources regardless of whether they are stored as relational databases, XML, flat files, etc. This data can then be dynamically mashed-up, manipulated, and transformed as Lego like data assets.

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Meet your ROI goals:

  • InetSoft has flexible pricing models that allow you to deploy a solution that accommodates your unique situation. InetSoft’s architecture provides a total BI solution within one unified application. However, if your needs dictate, deploy just the components that you need.

Scale to meet the needs of the organization:

  • Built upon open J2EE standards our application provides a solution that incorporates clustering, load balancing, and failover to provide high availability and quick response time. Additional features such as page streaming, data caching, and performance tuning ensure optimal operation as your needs increase.

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