Mobile BI Dashboard Example from InetSoft

Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI)

  • Puts Key Performance Indicators (KPI) right at your fingertips
  • Delivers real-time data mashup, interactive dashboards, and customizable visualizations
  • Previously only Flash enabled mobile devices could leverage InetSoft's mobile BI tools
  • Now, non-Flash enabled browsers are served via HTML5 - an Internet markup language that supports rich interactivity

Mobile Business Intelligence: Hit the Ground Running

The buzz behind mobile business intelligence is the result of new technologies rising up to serve an old enterprise need – faster, richer, and more reliable information. Organizations that frequently monitor key performance indicators and quickly respond to changes in the market have always outperformed their slower, less informed counterparts.

Mobile BI Dashboard Example

Mobile business intelligence is more than just text messages and alerts to your phone. The true value behind mobile business intelligence is the ability to view sophisticated visualizations, interact with data in real time, and empower business users to make sound decisions. Thanks to new mobile technologies, like smartphones and tablet computers, businesses can finally take full advantage of mobile BI.

Major market research firms predict that one-third of all business intelligence access will be through mobile devices within the next few years, suggesting that it’s not a matter of if, but when. Companies that adopt mobile BI platforms early have the added benefit of moving their users up the experience curve as mobile technology improves further. Considering the major advantages of BI, it’s important for companies not to be caught flat-footed with mobile BI.

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Examples of Mobile BI in Action

Sales Teams equipped with Mobile BI have access to sales figures, quotas and purchasing trends, and they are better prepared for negotiations.

Sales Teams On-the-Go can stay informed in real time. Mobile BI offers them access to important data while they are on the road and the ability to quickly evaluate a sales situation and collaborate with their team beforehand.

Suppliers, for example in an autoparts company, can leverage Mobile BI so their managers can quickly determine the reason why a major client's order was delayed. Mobile BI will tell managers when the client's order was placed, where the holdup is and what can be done to get things back on track.

Top Management and C-level executives can use customizable visualizations and interactive dashboards to check on KPIs instantly. Mobile BI gives top management access to critical information out of the office so they can make timely and well informed decisions for their stakeholders.

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