More Business Intelligence Mini Case Studies

Read more case studies of how organizations are using business intelligence solutions. Some provide their managers performance management dashboarding. Others use data mashup technology to combine disparate data sources to provide comprehensive dashboard reporting. All of them leverage InetSoft's businesss intelligence technology to derive intelligence from their data.

AssetPoint, a leading provider of (EAM) Enterprise Asset Management and (CMMS) Computerized Maintenance Management Software solutions chose InetSoft in order to offer KPI dashboards and advanced analytics to craftsmen and maintenance managers. Clients receive out-of-the-box interactive dashboards and an optional upgrade that provides dashboard development and data mashup tools to create integrated views of other data sources within the organization. AssetPoint's TabWare EAM/CMMS is an easy-to-use solution for managing all processes of maintaining industrial equipment and the operational facilities of any organization. AssetPoint users span many industries including Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, and Facilities Maintenance. With a single platform users can manage assets, maintenance work schedules, and spare parts to maximize asset performance, control costs, and improve operations.

Eleven key performance indicators are monitored in the primary operational dashboard that is powered by InetSoft such as equipment downtime, maintenance backlog, and MRO inventory as a percentage of equipment replacement value. The KPI dashboard helps customers quickly spot areas of concern and drill down to the details. With the optional upgrade, users can build any type of performance management dashboard and perform visual analysis on any data. Additionally, any maintenance-related data stored in the TabWare solution can be mashed up with relevant enterprise data, whether it is stored in a data warehouse, departmental, operational or financial systems, and even spreadsheets created by individuals or vendors. Interactive dashboards include intuitive point-and-click controls like filter lists, range sliders, and drop-down boxes which allow for deep data exploration and thorough ad hoc reporting and analysis.

AssetPoint found InetSoft Technology's dashboard interface a great match for the TabWare EAM/CMMS solution. TabWare is easy to learn and easy to use, meaning customers can be up and running quickly and thus realizing its benefits sooner. The company found InetSoft dashboards similarly user friendly, while giving detailed information at a quick glance. The ability to drill-down into each metric has given managers powerful information quickly.

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The Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC) selected InetSoft’s Style Intelligence in order to provide participating nations with advanced data views on main migration movements (e.g. protection, legal and illegal migration), enforcement actions and integration outcomes, as well as comprehensive overview on complex migratory issues. The organization quickly replaced the script-dependent ASP (Active Server Page) pages that were internally developed over the past decade with InetSoft’s Web ready platform.

Since then, it has been offering users interactive charts, sophisticated table views, and multi-parameter report environments. They have made the data they have available on a much faster schedule than we’d been accustomed to with internal development. The graphical user interfaces and analytic tools have allowed us to redistribute them easily and nicely. And our participating states have benefitted from a greatly improved, intuitive self-service experience through the new BI platform.

Management Systems International (MSI ), experts in financial planning and reporting, selected InetSoft's interactive dashboard reporting to offer on top of their powerful financial consolidation and information management platform. Multinational firms using diverse ERP and financial systems have been able to visually understand and explore their financial data in order to manage their financial operations even more efficiently. MSI’s years of experience in corporate finance have led to a product and services solution that unifies budget and expenditures data coming from disparate data sources, potentially in different currencies, for a cohesive view of corporate financial performance.

The application, The Management Performance System (MPS), consolidates financial data into a Microsoft SQL data warehouse and controls multiple levels of viewing and update permissions giving divisional heads and the CFO the ability to effectively plan, manage, measure, and analyze corporate performance. Combined with MSI’s expertise in project management and financial management best practices, customers can automate processes that improve efficiency to achieve strategic and tactical objectives. Prior to the joint solution, users of the Management Performance System relied on Excel-based tabular views of data, which provides a familiar environment that fully leverages existing skill sets.

Now users are enjoying highly graphical, information-packed interactive dashboards and visual analysis tools that the InetSoft business intelligence suite offers. The InetSoft visualization toolset, included in the BI platform Style Intelligence, enables quick drag and drop design of visually appealing charts and gauges driven by point-and-click controls such as filter lists and range sliders. The joint solution comes with several pre-built financial monitoring and analysis dashboards and can be extended as desired by the customer. The top management of an enterprise has been able to easily analyze problems and trends and quickly take corrective action.

The STOP TB Partnership, a WHO organization, choseInetSoft's performance management software to create interactive public health reports and performance management dashboards for donors, partners and program managers to track tuberculosis elimination program efficacy. The first application of InetSoft's dashboard and reporting software was for The Global Drug Facility (GDF), a mechanism for saving lives. Housed at the WHO within the Stop TB Partnership, the GDF is an initiative dedicated to increasing access to high quality tuberculosis (TB) drugs for Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course (DOTS) implementation - a TB control strategy.

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With over 16 million treatments delivered around the world, and over $300 million raised for GDF operations in 9 years, the GDF is the leading procurement mechanism in the fight against TB and the only ISO 9001 certified organization within the WHO system. Thanks to its performance-based strategy, the GDF has significantly contributed to reducing the cost of high quality TB Treatments, allowing the best use of its donors' contributions since its inception in 2001. Along with this implementation of an interactive, Web-based information management solution, the GDF is paving the way for other WHO units to enhance their performance management functions. GDF has offered access to all other WHO units so that they can build their own system based interactive public health reports and performance tracking dashboards to study and improve performance while guided by their respective objectives.

GDF has also made available Web-based reports to specific donors, partners and programs to provide transparent live feedback on the performance of the GDF and its partners. InetSoft was selected following a thorough six-month evaluation process managed by the WHO ITT/HTS department that examined twenty-one business intelligence applications. The process began with product demonstrations, progressed to proof-of-concepts and interviews with vendors, and culminated with user feedback. Sixteen evaluators and eight business users from different units within WHO and from WHO regional offices were asked to evaluate the shortlisted products. The winning selection had to provide an affordable client server architecture that would allow partner programs to benefit from a central infrastructure without having to invest in other infrastructure or development resources, and be the leading choice of the evaluators involved.