InetSoft Offers Business Intelligence Software for Creating OLAP Charts

InetSoft offers a BI software platform for dashboards, charts, visual analysis, and reporting to be used in conjunction with an OLAP server or any combination of open standards data sources.

OLAP is well established in traditional business intelligence. To ensure premium performance, it is supported in InetSoft software by a special OLAP data warehouse. InetSoft's OLAP Analyzer is an integrated OLAP front-end that allows business users to tap into this rich source of data. The key advantages are:

  • The ability to leverage a data warehouse investment
  • High performance
  • The ability to mashup OLAP data with other sources

It's easy enough to be:

  • Deployed in weeks, not months
  • Learned by new-users with minimal training

is agile enough to:

  • Adapt to changing data configuration and business needs
  • Coordinate data research through visualization and maximum self-service

and robust enough to:

  • Capture the attention of business executives
  • Satisfy the demands of power users
  • Scale up for organizations of all sizes

OLAP BI chart example


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