OLAP Cube Reporting

OLAP cubes are a confusing subject, to say the least, and while your IT department may be familiar with the concept, most of your other employees probably aren't. So then why deal with them if you don't have to?

OLAP is an acronym for online analytical reporting. OLAP cubes are an older data warehousing technology for databases. They are optimized for summarizing and aggregating information.

Skip All That

InetSoft's Style Intelligence Technology offers users a revolutionary way to handle OLAP cube reporting; don't! Certain features, outlined below, are built into the application to allow the software to access operational data sources directly, removing any need for the user to interface with outdated OLAP technology.

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OLAP Reporting and Analysis Features

On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Using selection lists and drop-down menus to control the data displayed in interactive charts, highly intuitive interaction with relational or multi-dimensional databases is possible.

Enterprise Manager

A Web based administrative tool that controls all behavior of the Style Intelligence server. Security, archiving, auditing, logging, caching, and prioritization are a few examples of what can be configured.

Web-based Dashboard and Ad Hoc Report Viewing

Zero client, end user report viewing interface that only requires a Web browser. End users can interact with reports, utilize searching and exporting, and many other report and visual analysis functions.

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