Example From a Performance Management Solution

Are you looking for a good example from a performance management solution? This example incorporates a time series analysis with trend fitting projections, geographic highlighting of top and bottom performers, and top-n rankings by category.

Since 1996, InetSoft has provided performance management software that is easy, agile, and robust - complete with interactive and monitoring dashboards, scorecards, and drill-down business reporting. Evaluate InetSoft's Style Intelligence for an afforably priced, quick to deploy, and easy to use performance management solution.

InetSoft's performance management software is called Style Intelligence, and its chief advantages can be summarized as easy, agile and robust:

■ Enjoy a rapid implementation; minimum specialized IT expertise required
■ Experience a shallow learning curve for business users; only Excel-level skills needed
■ Make it easy for analysts & administrators; no SQL experience required
■ Scale up with zero-client deployment and no per-user licensing
■ Provide maximum self-service through ad hoc and visualization analysis
■ Enable self-service also at data level: end-user defined data mashup
■ Accommodate quick, formal, and experimental changes
■ Address advanced and mass needs
■ Run on a high performance, secure infrastructure

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