Scorecard Applications

Scorecards are business intelligence tools that provide a perfect way to monitor, measure, and manage business performance. InetSoft's scorecards centralize a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that compare current performance data against goals, quotas, and target trends. Scorecard applications also include analytic information about what to do when goals or quotas are not met. In this case, scorecards are an invaluable asset to any enterprise.

Why Use InetSoft's Scorecard Building Application?

InetSoft's drag and drop software allows developers and even end-users to quickly create sophisticated scorecards and dashboards. With intuitive point-and-click capabilities, managers can drill into scorecard metrics to identify root causes of performance problems for faster responses.

Further, InetSoft's dashboard software allows you to create balanced scorecards that are color-coded for variances above or below targets and have no limit to the kind of key performance indicators you can create and track on the scorecard.

InetSoft's Dashboard Scorecard Software Is Sure To Be a SCORE

  • Satisfy the demands of power users
  • Capture the attention of executives
  • Organizations of all sizes can successfully implement
  • Ready in a matter of weeks, not months
  • Easily learned by end-users with minor training
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A Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard converts an organization's behind the scenes strategic business model into its daily marching orders. The salesperson scorecard above sets the stage for what needs to be done in the future and lays out a plan of attack to achieve that goal. The business and its employees are "scored" in different categories which allows management to see opportunities for improvement. Balanced scorecards provide a framework for how a business should be run and enable executives to track their progress along the way.

How Scorecards Improve Business Performance

1. Providing data from disparate sources into one comprehensive visualization - This enables management and employees to take the appropriate actions
2. Allowing goals to be clearly defined and easily conceived on screen - This ensures that all levels of the enterprise remain on the same page
3. Acting as a precise business tool to measure and predict business activities - Gauge the health of employees and business overall
4. Notifications and alerts for failing metrics - Attack a business problem in real time and witness its results
5. Granting access to multiple KPI's at a single time - Management can effectively stay on top of their business at all times

Customer Quote

“One of the biggest benefits we see with this product is our ability to react more quickly to potential problems that affect our bottom line by alerting us to crucial information on a real-time basis. This will allow us to respond very quickly to opportunities and take a more proactive approach to management. In addition to tracking financial data in real-time, we plan to create an interactive dashboard which will be used to identify and prevent health issues at the early stages. We believe our current use of this product is just the tip of the iceberg and we look forward to future applications.” - Brandon Depenbusch, GM of South Operations and Director of Research at ILS