Reporting Software Demo

InetSoft offers its users a powerful tool with its Style Intelligence platform. Style Intelligence is capable of innovative dashboard reporting, data mashup, interactive reporting, and visual analysis. It empowers decision makers.

Data management is fast and secure, allowing users to quickly adapt to any situation. The application is more than capable of handling simultaneous data sources. Its users can create new reports and dashboards or modify existing ones.

Utilizing data mashup capabilities, disparate data sets can be modified and manipulated to reveal new insight not initially perceptible.

Web-based drag-and-drop professional authoring tools facilitate the creation of visually sophisticated content with wide sharing capabilities. This allows users to paint a real-time integrated picture of their organization that can be shared with minimal effort, forming optimized caches of data across interconnected networks.

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Data is converted from spreadsheets to something that is more clear, concise, and meaningful. This data is then highly interactive, allowing users to drill down or brush the data for new relationships. Custom data tips and flyovers expose actionable information to align an organization with its enterprise objectives. Sophisticated visualizations, such as interactive multi charts, bullet graphs, spark lines, and geographical heat maps cam be created with ease.

Everything created with Style Intelligence is accessible and modifiable from any device with a browser, iDevices included. Drag and drop, pre made charts to make modifications or take advantage of its agile toolset to develop new dashboards. Traditional and interactive reports for printing or PDF distribution are available, allowing users to distribute their data how they see fit.

The tool supports scripting or layman input, depending on the ability of the user, making it a perfect fit for almost anyone. InetSoft offers easy, agile, and robust business intelligence enterprise class solutions for small, midsize, or multinational organizations.

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