Dashboard Ideas

Below are some dashboard ideas to give you inspiration for what your business can do with Style Intelligence:

Visual Analysis

visual report

This visual sales analysis gives a VP a high level view of sales and also product returns. By incorporating product type as color and return rate as size, the main chart highlights the utility of multidimensional charting, enabling the viewer to notice complex correlations of 4 different data fields.

Visual Report

visual report

This visual automotive report displays the fuel efficiency of various vehicles which are organized along a number of variables. While average mpg is displayed with position, color is also used to display the number of cylinders in a vehicles' engine. A large selection list provides easy interactivity on a touch screen. The dashboard also features a table displaying individual vehicle stats, facilitating drilldown to explore outliers.

Marketing Dashboard

marketing management dashboard

This marketing campaign dashboard displays important aspects of the sales funnel, by displaying leads by source, state and date. Both top charts include a highlight feature based on monthly change rate, whose threshold can be adjusted using a slider which modifies the change rate that results in a chart highlight. The dashboard template gives an overall picture of new leads, their sources, and their conversion rates.

Education KPI Dashboard

education kpi dashboard

This education KPI dashboard breaks down admissions by various demographic and psychographic factors, such as race, gender, major type, transfers, and year. Large, easy to read text KPIs display the dashboard's most important aggregates, with percent change from previous period displayed underneath them.

Manufacturing Quality Dashboard

manufacturing quality dashboard

This manufacturing dashboard gives foremen a high level view of projects, costs and revenue, and worker safety. This dashboard gives property developers an overview of construction projects, including costs, timeliness, and worker safety. Drilldown buttons on the Revenue by Quarter chart enables the user to pinpoint periods of high and low activity.

Law Enforcement Casualty Minimization

Law Enforcement Casualty Minimization dashboard

This interactive law enforcement dashboard displays police fatality data since 1791, across 17,985 police departments in the United States. The visualization's charts and tables let users comprehend these vast amounts of data at a glance in a more efficient way. The dashboard also incorporates several tables to allow users to dive deep into more details. The tables list the top 15 death causes, the top 15 types of police officers in the most danger, and the top 15 departments with the most police deaths, providing details of police deaths that are the most relevant to analyze from an abundant amount of data.

Credit Approval Visualization

Credit Approval Visualizationdashboard

This credit card approval dashboard investigates several factors associated with credit card approvals, including income, debt, age, ethnicity, credit score, marriage status, and gender. It not only allows financial users to visualize the relationship between a single factor and credit card approval rates at a glance, it also helps users slice and dice relationships easily between different variables with built-in checklists and sliders. Through the intuitive charts and filter functions on this credit card approval analytics dashboard, financial professionals can be more accurate in constructing credit card customer personas, understanding how different factors interact and affect the credit card approval rate.