Department Dashboard Templates

Looking for department dashboard templates. Get inspired from these examples created with InetSoft's easy-to-use web-based dashboard application.

Facilities Management

facilities management dashboard example

This facilities management template is useful for giving an overall picture of maintenance completed and hours spent on said maintenance. A dropdown selector on the top left gives the option of changing the comparisons featured in charts and KPIs throughout.

Revenue Management

revenue management dashboard example

This dashboard template breaks revenue down by month and state, with several filters to help drill down into the data. While in this particular use case the charts on the right display a breakdown by customer plan, they could be modified to display the proportions of any type of customer offering or product line.

Legal Department

legal department dashboard  example

This legal department template tracks wins and losses with large, easy to read KPIs, as well as breaking down said wins and losses with various charts. The template could also be used as a CRM dashboard, tracking lost and won opportunities by type.

Personnel Management

personnel management dashboard example

This HR dashboard template breaks down the various factors involved in personnel turnover. In this screenshot, several of the job roles have been "brushed", causing their proportion of the entire company to be displayed in red on charts throughout the rest of the dashboard.

Actuarial Department

actuarial department dashboard example

This mortality analysis helps actuarial departments asses insurance risk based on various demographic factors. This can help insurance companies determine appropriate premiums on individuals.

Board of Directors

board of directors dashboard example

This dashboard template can help a board of directors see what product lines have the greatest sales and profits. A map chart displays each country's share of global profits.

Sales Department

manufacturer sales department dashboard example

This sales department template gives a broad visual breakdown of revenue, prices, and profits, by product line. Color is used in several of the charts to add another dimension.

Supply Chain

supply chain department dashboard example

This dashboard template gives supply chain managers an overview of orders and returns. A made to order vs actual time chart helps ensure that expectations are being adequately met.

Marketing Department

marketing department example

This marketing department dashboard template gives an overall picture of new leads, their sources, and their conversion rates. A slider below one of the line charts modifies the change rate that results in a chart highlight.