Business Intelligence White Papers and Analyst Reports

Below you will find InetSoft-written white papers that can help those looking for a business intelligence tutorial, gathering information about the business intelligence market, as well as learning about unique aspects of InetSoft's business intelligence software, such as our data mashup functionality.

Business Case for Data Mashup

This white paper explains what data mashup means in the BI space and makes the business case from both the business-side and the IT-side for enabling this ultimate level of self-service – a unique capability of InetSoft's BI solutions.

Visual Analytics for the Masses

This white paper explains the roots of visual analytics, how visual analysis is applied in a business environment, and chief considerations for effectively making visual analytics applications available to average business users.

Exploratory Operational BI

This white paper addresses the dynamic aspect of operational information needs and discusses how an exploratory process can best serve this need.

Data Mashup - Under the Hood

This white paper (registration required) compares data mashup technology to more traditional data warehousing approaches, discusses the particular benefits offered by the InetSoft data mashup engine, and details its performance characteristics.

The Executive Guide to BI Success

This white paper introduces a revolutionary new approach to BI that incorporates the best practices of traditional business intelligence with the benefits of real-time information flow.

The Secrets to a Successful Business Intelligence Implementation

Successful BI implementations require new thinking in data access, delivery and interactivity based on the needs of new users across the enterprise. This business intelligence white paper is useful for those looking for a business intelligence tutorial.

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Analyst Reports and Reviews

Industry Yearbook and Vendor Rankings - Butler Analytics

This industry analyst report (externally hosted, no registration required) provides lists and rankings of vendors by application type. Fourteen categories are covered. InetSoft is ranked at the number 1 position among 21 enterprise BI platform suppliers.

Business Intelligence Benchmark Report - Gleanster

This industry analyst survey report (externally hosted, registration required) summarizes the results of surveying the customers of 45 BI vendors and includes advice on best practices and insights on vendors. InetSoft is ranked in the top 10 across all dimensions and the top 5 for overall value and features & functionality.

Analyst Review - Butler Analytics

This independent analyst review (externally hosted, no registration required) conducted by Butler Analytics scores InetSoft on five dimensions: capability, performance, extensibility, productivity, and value. InetSoft received a 4.3 out 5 stars for an overall rating.

Data Mashup Report: "Achieving Analytic Agility with Data Mashups" - Ovum

This industry analyst report (registration required) authored by Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst for Ovum's Information Management research practice, goes into depth about what data mashups are and explains why they are a fundamental application for delivering self-service business intelligence.

Enabling Data Discovery - Wise Analytics

This industry analyst report (registration required) discusses the realities of deploying data discovery solutions in organizations of varying sizes. Best practices and lessons learned are shared from surveying over one hundred companies. Three case studies are provided including one from an InetSoft customer.

Agile BI Report: "Three Steps to Analytic Heaven" - Aberdeen Group

This analyst report (registration required) surveys enterprises about the agility of their business intelligence function. Recommendations are provided on how to make BI implementations more agile so managers can easily find the information they need as business needs change.

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Read how InetSoft was ranked #1 enterprise BI supplier by Butler Analytics.

Product Briefing

Style Intelligence Product Datasheet

Visualization-driven Operational BI - InetSoft's flagship business intelligence software which includes dashboarding, reporting visual analysis, and data mashup.

InetSoft Executive Summary

Overview of InetSoft's advantages compared to traditional, expensive and inflexible "Big BI" solutions.

InetSoft's Solutions for the Finance Department

Finance Solutions - InetSoft offers a range of solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by Finance Departments, from turnkey cloud-based solutions to on-premise installations with complete ownwership.

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