InetSoft Introduces Free Visualization Software

Anyone can explore own data with interactive visual analysis techniques

Piscataway, NJ - August 3, 2009 - InetSoft Technology (, an innovator in dashboard, reporting and analysis solutions, today announced the introduction of a free visualization service, Visualize Free. Derived from its commercial business intelligence software, Visualize Free is a free, Web-based visual analysis tool that anyone can use to interactively explore his/her own data using advanced visualization techniques, without IT assistance or the installation of any software.

Visualization refers to the visual representation and exploration of large data sets where graphical views of the data can lead to the observation of trends or aberrations in the data. Common office applications such as Microsoft Excel serve a purpose of self-service analysis and charting of data, particularly when the datasets of interest and the questions asked of them are well understood. Visual analysis, on the other hand, lends itself to data exploration, finding answers to unanticipated questions, discovering patterns in data, and suggesting areas for further statistical analysis. Furthermore, visualization enables multi-dimensional analysis that reveals hidden relationships among multiple variables.

Sophisticated visual analysis software can be out of reach for some users, or can be overly complicated for business users who are not statisticians or analysts. Visualize Free has been designed for a person of average analytic skills to use with an easy data import step, a drag and drop visualization designer, and a simple point-and-click interface to filter and sort as they explore his/her data. Users have the option to keep their data and visualizations private, or share them with colleagues.

“Visualization software is the perfect tool for sifting through multi-dimensional data to spot trends and outliers or slice and dice data with simple point-and-click methods,” pointed out Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing at InetSoft. “If you are looking for a way to visually explore and present data that standard office charting software cannot handle, Visualize Free is a great option. It’s also a good way for people to evaluate some of the capabilities of InetSoft’s commercial business intelligence software, before requiring the involvement of technical resources.”

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InetSoft’s core product, Style Intelligence, is a full-featured business intelligence solution that is 100% Java at the server level and HTML, JavaScript, and Flash at the client level, which combined with its SOA architecture and open standards-based technology, makes for an ideal embedding and integration-ready application for dashboards and reporting. End-users get visually compelling, highly interactive access to data, and solution providers get a highly customizable, quick to learn and quick to deploy business intelligence toolset and information delivery platform.

About InetSoft
Since 1996 InetSoft has been delivering easy, agile, and robust business intelligence software that make it possible for organizations and solution providers of all sizes to deploy or embed full-featured business intelligence solutions. Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting. InetSoft's patent pending Data Block™ technology enables productive reuse of queries and a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup. This capability combined with efficient information access enabled by InetSoft's visual analysis technologies allows maximum self-service that benefits the average business user, the IT administrator, and the developer. InetSoft solutions have been deployed at over 3,000 organizations worldwide, including 25% of Fortune 500 companies, spanning all types of industries.


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“If you are looking for a way to visually explore and present data that standard office charting software cannot handle, Visualize Free is a great option.”

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