InetSoft's Business Intelligence Training

We provide a comprehensive suite of on-site and remote Web-based training packages for our business intelligence applications.

We also provide training material and software. Our trainers can alter the teaching methodology based on specific client needs and areas of interest, whether it be dashboards, reporting, visual analysis or data mashups.

We also provide combined BI training and consulting packages that we will customize to fit your needs.

Please contact your account manager for a detailed description of BI training modules, durations, and pricing.

Learn from Experiences in the Field

We believe there's more to training than following a scripted slide show. Our training sessions are highly personalized and interactive. The trainees are given extensive hands-on practice, via exercises and examples, in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the product. Our trainers are not only good engineers; they are also good teachers and incorporate their invaluable experience and knowledge into the training process.

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Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence training packages deal with areas of data analysis/monitoring and business intelligence tools. The topics covered range from framework design to interactive module development.

BI Package:

  • Data Access and Queries
  • Data Modeling
  • Multidimensional Cube Design
  • Data Monitoring Alerts and Scorecards
  • Data Worksheet
  • Visual Composer

Report Design

The Report Design training package focuses on the fundamentals of report design and development. It includes a basic training package which covers all the core reporting features and functionalities, and more advanced packages which deal with specific modules and/or features.

Basic Package:

  • Product Architecture Overview
  • Basic to Advanced Report Design
  • Data Access and Queries
  • Re-usable Modules
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Development Methodologies

Advanced Modules:

  • Report Scripting
  • Report Bursting
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Worksheet
  • Data Security (VPMs)

End User Dashboard and Reporting Training

The end user dashboard and reporting training package, trains your end users and/or the end user trainer on the InetSoft Web-based UI. The topics covered range from simple user interaction to more advanced ad hoc report and dashboard creation and interactive data analysis, etc.

End User Package:

  • Navigating/Using InetSoft's BI Web Portal
  • Ad Hoc Report Modification and Creation
  • Report Scheduling
  • Data Monitoring Alerts, Scorecards
  • Dashboards (Interactive Data Analysis)

BI Application Administration

The Administration training discusses the set-up, deployment, security configuration and performance tuning of the server-side Reporting and BI environment.

Administration Package:

  • Configuring InetSoft's BI Server Environment
  • Deploying Reports, Business Intelligence Objects
  • Setting Up and Configuring Security and Permissions
  • Performance Tuning
  • Report Scheduling

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Free End-user Training Series

InetSoft offers a monthly series of live half-hour webinars geared towards end-users and developers learning the basics of our big data analytics and dashboarding appplication. The session are recorded, and registrants will be emailed the playback links when available. Click on a title to register for future dates or to play a recording for past dates.

Topic Date and Time
Connecting to a data source and creating a query Fri, Dec 16, 11am Eastern US
Formatting data in a report Fri, Nov 18, 11am Eastern US
Adding drill-downs to a report Fri, Oct 28, 11am Eastern US
Creating a modular report Fri, Sep 16, 11am Eastern US
Creating a parameterized report Fri, Aug 26, 11am Eastern US
Adding charts and tables to a report Fri, Jul 22, 11am Eastern US
Creating a simple report Fri, Jun 17, 11am Eastern US
Filtering data in a Data Worksheet Fri, May 20, 11am Eastern US
Grouping and aggregating data in a Data Worksheet Fri, Apr 15, 11am Eastern US
Adding a script to a dashboard Fri, Mar 18, 11am Eastern US
Laying out a dashboard for mobile devices Fri, Feb 19, 11am Eastern US
Localizing/translating a dashboard Fri, Jan 22, 11am Eastern US
Using freehand tables Fri, Dec 18, 2pm Eastern US
Creating data caches Fri, Nov 13, 2pm Eastern US
Crosstabs and pivoting data Fri, Oct 16, 2pm Eastern US
Setting permissions (administrator) Fri, Sep 18, 2pm Eastern US
Using database write-back Fri, Aug 21, 2pm Eastern US
Using calculated fields and expression columns Fri, Jul 17, 2pm Eastern US
Using charts for comparisons Fri, Jun 26, 2pm Eastern US
Creating custom maps Fri, May 15, 2pm Eastern US
Advanced selection in dashboards Fri, Apr 24, 2pm Eastern US
What-if analysis Fri, Mar 20, 2pm Eastern US
Mashing up data Fri, Feb 20, 2pm Eastern US
Scheduling tasks and creating alerts Fri, Jan 16, 2pm Eastern US

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